Buy Magnetic Current on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Ed Leedskalnin – Magnetic Current (Illustrated PDF version). Edward Leedskalnin (modern Latvian: Edvards Liedskalniņš) (January 12, – December 7, . in local newspapers. Magnetic Current was first published in and the only source for any of these pamphlets is the Coral Castle gift shop.

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Now we see how the magnetic currents are made by the U shape magnet. One cell alone does not amount to anything. Apparently, Leedskalnin suffered a stroke either before he left for the hospital or at the hospital. Hold tight, touch battery, hold until copper wire gets hot. Spin the magnet, then leedskalin will see the filings running against the motion and building up ridges and ditches.

North and South Pole magnets make the lightning, in earth’s North hemisphere the South Pole magnets are going up and the North pole magnets are coming down in the same flash. The hanging magnets that hang up and down, they show ecward there is motion inside the bar.

Everything would remain chrrent same way as it is now. The North and South Pole magnets were put in the car battery by a generator. Leedskalbin two pieces of steel fishing line wire, put them in U shape magnet, hold a little while, take them out, bend a little back in one end and hang them up, and make it so that one magnet’s lower end is North Pole magnet and the other South Pole magnet – Make it so that they hang three inches apart.

Ed Leedskalnin – Magnetic Current (Illustrated PDF version)

More sparks can be seen coming out of the positive terminal than from the negative terminal. Now you know how the alternating magnetic currents are made.

To the electrical engineers the positive electricity is everything, the negative electricity is nothing, but to the physicists the negative electricity is everything, leedskalnih the positive electricity is nothing. This also demonstrates the unipolar mechanics of the individual magnet and magnetic currents.

Double Helical Magnetic Interaction: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rutledge Hill Press, You can do better yet, join one end of the coil’s core end with the same metal, joining core with tube.

Leedskalnin’s Writings: MAGNETIC CURRENT

When the magnets are running out of the middle of exward earth, as soon leedskalmin they meet an object they attract it, on account of the fact that in any object there is both kinds of magnets in it.


Moser homestead and is planning to erect a home soon. Now get the equipment. The North Pole individual. That end at coil’s side is South Pole magnet, and the other North Pole magnet. Another way is to rub hard rubber until it gets hot, then it will be a temporary magnet.

The same is true if you put iron in acid and some other metals, for the other terminal and when the connections are made the magnets will come out of the battery, but when the iron is gone the magnets are gone, too. If the inventor of electrons had a vacuum tube in which his electrons could run close to the top of the vacuum tube from the west side of the cathode to the east side of mabnetic anode and then would hang a vertically hanging magnet that is made from three-inch long hard steel fishing wire, and then hang one magnet pole at one time right on top in the middle of his stream of electrons, then he would have seen the north pole magnet swinging north, and the south pole magnet swinging south.

Gravitation must be caused by the matter in the middle of the earth, ,agnetic more concentrated than Uranium. The true essence of duality is a singularity.

Leedskalnin’s demonstrates how a transformer works by only charging one of the PMH’s two coils. Leedskalnin claimed that all matter was being acted upon by what he called “individual magnets”.

Contradicting the standard model of electromagnetism, his thesis is based upon the theory that the metal itself is not the magnet and that the real magnets are circulating in the metal.

Now I will make so you can actually see that it is in the way I told you.

I can tell you that the positive electricity has nothing to do with making a South magnet pole in the coil. Now put the perpetual motion holder under the North Pole hanging magnet, raise up slowly, then you will see the North Pole hanging magnet swinging North.

Now I will tell you about soiling. This time the same thing will be a transformer. They only attract if they are running one kind against the other kind. You have seen straight bar magnets, U shape magnets, sphere or ball magnets and Alnico magnets in many shapes, and usually a hole in the ecward. They are in constant motion, they are running one kind of magnets against the other kind, and if guided in the right channels they possess perpetual power.


Hold the North Pole magnet in level with the hanging magnet, then you will see that the South pole of the hanging magnet is turning to you and the North Ckrrent magnet magnegic.

The reason the North and South Pole individual magnets do not run across through the coil’s wire as fast out as they run in while the coil is between the U shape magnet, the coil’s wire is insulated, there is an air space around every wire and as it is known that the dry air mzgnetic the best obstruction for the magnets to go through and as you know the coil is leedskalhin insulated so the damp air does not get in. And they are entropy. Break a bar magnet into edwars two unequal portions.

To take the magnet out from rod ends approach or touch the rod end with the same kind of magnet that is in the curren, by dipping the rod ends in iron filings, you will see how it works. This experiment shows that if you start the North and South Pole individual magnets in an orbit, then they will never stop.

Looking from a neutral standpoint they cancel each other, so we have no electricity, but we have something. This experiment shows without any doubt that the North and South Pole currenr magnets are running in the same direction as those in the copper wire, which came out of the car battery, and in both instances while the magnets are running ahead in whirling motion they used the right-hand twist.

If you want to use the electric magnet be sure that the North Pole is in North side, and the South Pole in South side, and put the coil in the prongs in magnefic same way as it is now.

Now about the sphere magnet. Currents can be made with a single wire. Double helical magnetic interactionLeedskalnin. This time hold the wire up, and down, the lower end on middle of the copper wire, hold tight.