CL34 ̉摜. LUXMAN CL ,yen iNovember, release j. Description . @ Tube control amplifier which supplied the technology cultivated in a Duo. Specifications. Frequency response: 3Hz to 70kHz. Total harmonic distortion: %. Input sensitivity: 2mV (MM), mV (line). Signal to noise ratio: 80dB ( MM). Used Luxman CL34 Control amplifiers for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability.

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Proper-quantity NFB which improves further the reproductivity of a mid-high range which tube amplifier has, and two NFB s with a different role of DC servo which heightens low-pass damping force have realized outstanding play sound covering all the bands. Sorry, this listing has ended.

Luxman CL Tube Pre Amplifier for sale.

The Koide power DC amplifier of a discrete stream composition is built in headphone amplifier. Tube control amplifier which supplied the technology cultivated in a Duo beta circuitry and transistor circuits, such as DC amplifier, and was developed.


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The oxygen-free-high-conductivity-copper line which was excellent in the coil by the side of primary in tone quality is adopted, and it corresponds to the cartridge up to 3ohmohm.

Furthermore, the newly developed low-noise and succession good transformation were adopted also as volume control, and the improvement in an SN ratio is attained with banishment of a tone-quality failure. Home Marketplace Preamplifiers Tube.

Moreover, a boost ratio is set to 1: Furthermore, it has composition which incorporated the tone control in the NFB loop of this flat amplifier, and the defeet is also made possible. And an Output voltage is high, and a large input-proof c34 be taken, and also it has various benefits the impedance of an output is low.

Luxman CL34 Pre Amplifier Pro Serviced

Cl344 Dialogue Premium Preamplifier. In order to obtain sufficient gain for an equalizer circuitry, a three-step hardwired-connection amplifying circuit is adopted, and the output stage the 3rd step is taken as S.


You may like one of these similar items: Will be expertly packed to insure safe delivery. Please e-mail with questions. The two-step differential-amplification circuitry which does not generate the eventh distortion theoretically is adopted as flat amplifier with the hardwired-connection stream composition.

Unmodified fully functional Luxman CL34 with a few flaws on the wood cabinet. Moreover, while adopting what was selected carefully to all the resistors, the metals coat type is adopted especially as the key point.

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