Katherine Pancol (born 22 October ) is a journalist and bestselling French novelist. Published in , her novel Les Yeux jaunes des crocodiles (The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles) was a huge success in France, where it sold more than. Buy Les yeux jaunes des crocodiles (Littérature) by Katherine Pancol from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases. Les Yeux jaunes des crocodiles (Littérature française) (French Edition) eBook: Katherine Pancol: : Kindle Store.

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If much isn’t sufficiently fleshed-out see also belowthe biggest problem with The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles remains how excessively busy it is. One anecdote even has Shirley’s son, Gary, having seen the film The Night of the Hunter — a film that would surely traumatize any pre-teen and that kathefine shocks most adults see Simon Callow’s book on it — at age eleven.

Dialogue-heavy though the novel is, there’s little proper communication, and there doesn’t seem to be much to many of these relationships.

Relata lws el pensamiento de varias mujeres. Their radiantly beautiful and arrogant daughter, Hortense, is on the verge of womanhood, and has little respect for her overweight, overwrought mother, who carries herself with slack ill-confidence.

Keeping up appearances isn’t crocodilse a girlie thing: This book was a complete impulse purchase; I didn’t know the author and the marketing copy on the back cover sounded suspiciously like chick lit not a genre I generally read.

One problem with many of the other storylines: Personally I found such candid talk refreshing but then again, I am a guy and we do have a different view on such things most of the time. Luckily I found this more of an annoyance than an actual distraction from the engaging story and characters. Katherine Pancol born 22 October is a journalist and bestselling French novelist.

The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles – Katherine Pancol

Oh, and the ending. You know where this book is headed and at time you just want it to crocodilds there faster. She’s a handful – an understatement, actually! Circumstances seemed to point to one impression but ends up being completely different. It’s not exactly pornographic but it certainly pulls no punches when it comes to who’s doing what to whom.


Parecem marionetas, completa e irremediavelmente controlados por outrem. He began collecting art, buying rare manuscripts, underwriting ballets and operas, starting a foundation — jaune to make her proud of him.

The book was written in French and translated to English by two people and that in hindsight makes a lot of sense.

Nos cuenta de Crocodilws, una mujer con un marido, Antoine, y dos hijas, Zoe y Hortense. This novel truly does have a cast of characters: That’s a bad precedent. Almost like two separate people translated it!

From the looks of it, ‘chopped’ is the proper word, too, lfs it would explain a lot — especially the gaps in some of the myriad storylines and the woefully underdeveloped characters and relationships. Ends in the middle of a conversation, and it’s obvious why. Pancol’s insights into human psychology, and particularly women, are amazingly accurate and her sense of details often shaded with wry humor.

Lo he intentado, he llegado a leer una cuarta parte del libro, pero se me estaba haciendo eterno y finalmente ha podido conmigo. All is well—that is, until the book becomes the literary sensation of the season. Gary – Shirley’s son – crushing on Hortense, swoony for the younger set.

Not really, but at times it feels that way. This was the first of at least three books featuring these characters. We have the drab something housewife who is deserted by her dolt of a husband, who runs off with his mistress to Kenya where he plans to become rich raising crocodiles, but not before emptying their joint bank account and taking out a loan for which the wife has ysux co-signed.

Joisane – madly in love with Marcel, a bimbo? She decides she’s pretty because a man shows interest in her. In the book, great pains are made to show how she blossoms from a quiet, passive creature, to one who takes control of her own kathsrine.

Following the success of her first novel Moi D’abord Me First inPancol moves to New York City where she spends the next decade pursuing creative writing and screenwriting classes at Columbia University while producing three more novels La Barbare inScarlett, si possible and Les hommes cruels ne courent pas les rues.

Her gift to lift people’s spirits while providing great entertainment has been key to her success, inspiring many women to dare to be themselves while keeping a positive relationship with life itself.


Katherine Pancol

Now that I’ve read her book, I won’t be forgetting that name. Overall, it’s a fun book. View all 10 comments.

Meanwhile, Hortense un comfortably goes from the lap of her crkcodiles at fourteen to letting herself be taken for rides in the sportscar and be otherwise pampered by a man whose only interest is crcodiles getting in her pants that he doesn’t is small consolation.

Orthofer24 December After 40 pages I came up short crpcodiles found I had no clue who all these people were so I went back through those pages and made a nice tidy relationship diagram of who slept with whom and who was previously dating whom and which characters were, in fact, screwing like rabbits in the back storeroom.

Iris is married to a successful lawyer with whom she has a son, but she is really doing nothing.

Les Yeux Jaunes Des Crocodiles

Indeed, I had never heard kathwrine I was listening to “Fresh Air” on NPR recently, as I often do in the morning, when one of their regular book reviewers started talking about this book.

None of the married couples are faring well in their relationships: Pancol is incredibly lazy with many of her plot-points too: The older daughter is a thorough-going teenage brat who delights in tormenting her mother.

The were some of the most unforgettable fictional characters I’ve ever read. Empieza lento, muy lento, situando a los personajes en su lugar, relacionando a unos con otros, pero de una forma tan aburrida que no puedes evitar preguntarte: It’s a smaller than average paperback, and the sentences just pour like silk milk. Yes, Oancol Pancol is a French writer and this novel seems very French in its conception and outlook. She puts up with awful family members including her daughter This is the first in a series and one that I think will be fun to revisit.

Je ne comprends pas pourquoi c’est un bestseller, pour moi c’est un mauvais soap.