This test was originally created by Hungarian psychiatrist Leopold Szondi in Szondi believed that it was possible to reveal the dark and repressed. Leopold Szondi is the explorer of genotropism and the familial unconscious. This technique was firstly introduced in the ies of XX century by the Viennese psychologist Leopold Szondi. It was he who in the course of long-term studies.

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LĂ©opold Szondi

The affect conditioned, cainitic aggression manifests itself in sudden fits of affective actions, usually followed by phases of repentance. My son Jens was in San Francisco on a business trip and learned unexpectedly by facebook that at the same time Slavick also was in San Francisco. According to the psychoanalytic concept, this is the most important psychological defense mechanism we have. Homepage address of Giselle Welter.

Retrieved from ” https: Our summary contains the articles: The main knowledge originated in Leopold Szondi’s and his disciple Prof. The positive news in this newsletter is the fact that we again may present a very valuable contribution by Prof. After many years of research Szondi had arrived at the conviction that facial portraits of men, who show extreme drive dynamics in certain sectors of drives, do have a strong attraction for healthy or ill, gene-related test-persons and so decisively influence the choice of the portraits.

Szondi Test: Scary Personality Test That Reveal Your Deepest Hidden Self – Psych2Go

Blind acting out fate steered by drives and affects, living internalized rigid norms and convictions without participation of the ego, leads to compulsive fate. The Character Formation Function of the Ego.

It’s refused to me. It has the great lopold that it, in contrast to projective methods, presents easy to understand and non-problematic information.


Szondi’s main work is his five volume series on fate analysis Schicksalsanalyse. He illustrates this by summing up the characteristics of his family background and epilepsy as part of his mental illness that traditionally led to his szonsi his own life. Szondi theory organizes phenomenons like: Moreover I learned in the same period the end of the fifties aleady about the existence of several other colour tests. Szondi’s Personality Theory in the year ].

For instance 9 videos — of approximately 10 minutes each — in which Schotte presents his theory about Pathoanalyse You will discover there many other videos, e.

Szondi Test: Scary Personality Test That Reveal Your Deepest Hidden Self

Each of them can indicate the presence or absence of psychological problems of the testee. Further work on the theory of choice puts the notion of genotropism into the centre. The main directs of these theories are: The new translation of “The Ego and the Dream” gives still more insight into Szondi’s thinking behind his whole endeavors to explore the human mind and its relation to leoold material world.

Standard edition of the complete psychological works of Sigmund Freud London: These deep patterns were the ones leading me in my academic works later on, even when I had already given up the dogmatic customs of the Jewish religion.

Dear Szondi friends, Herewith follows a new Szondi Newsletter. The visual expression of the interrelationship among main personality items, expressed by another article szondii Prof.

Editorial content Journal 3. Anyhow, dear readers, I do hope you find this newsletter a source of information in this field. Actes du Collogue de Gand, Tousssaint It was originally written by me during the 70s as an introduction to the guiding sondi of my group therapy.

Szondi also assigned to a particular contact drive modes of attachment that are marked by demands of acceptation, support, security and nourishment.


Szonditest-Diagnostiker Fachliche Studien- und Kursleitern: Aufgrund der von Szondi sehr dynamisch geschilderten Entstehungsgeschich-te und Abwehrynamik wird eine Krankheit von tief innen verstehbar und ist auch der therapeutische Weg dadurch vorgezeichnet. For me leopokd was therefore quite a pleasure when I learned, some days ago, that he at last got a first class job and became employed by a big American Firm as a data specialist.

The excluded Tendencies in a protocol.

Szondi test online free

In the light of science history, Szondi ranks as one of the first mentors of modern socio-biology. I expect that this Szondi letter will contain a great surprise for all of you. The arrangement of the Louvet’s articles in your translation is excellent. Change of Name The 18 year old changed his last name Sonnenschein into Szondi. Therefore it must not be onesidedly aimed at the good and fought the evil, but rather good and evil must be understood as two sides of a unity which to keep in a dynamic balance.

Create Search Search for: Johnston became a highly appreciated collaborator as a Co-Editor.

Third, the DIssociative Identity Disorder title. The original name of the family was Sonnenschein. Hughes allows us to publish his correspondence with Szondi over many years.

In other words, by means of choice reactions the Szondi test aims directly at the szondl sphere of psychic events. Slavick Sjubajev — and his wife Oksana for their continuous free-of-charge servicing the Szondi Forum’s website, located in Odessa.

His collected works are in an attachment to the September 15, newsletter.