Bogati otac nacrtao bi kvadrant PROTOKA NOVCA kako bi ilustrirao ono što želi reći: Jedna od najsnažnijih kritika koje je bogati otac uputio obrazovnom. Da krenemo onda polako na put kroz kvadrant protoka novca. Ovaj nam kvadrant govori o 4 legalna načina zarađivanja novca. Sa lijeve strane kvadranta. Kvadrant protoka novca, Siromašni otac. bogati otac. 1 like. Book.

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But in this case it is even harder, because there is more consequences for entrepreneur. Becoming investors, they are free of that, and their only interest is size of profit they are making on their investment. Doing so, they level up prptoka business and create even more profits. Your email address will not be published.

Money flow quadrant

Share on Twitter Tweet. System of operations, by which those employees are working for him, making him money, generating profits. Thus, they work for themselves, do not have superiors, and their worktime is not fixed. As You may know, man on this picture is Robert Kiyosaki and drawing next to him is something that made him famous. Bit they have some extra expenses employees do not have to worry about.

Working for themselves that long and that hard, they should earn more than employed people, and they mostly do. When they are not working do not have a jobthere is no salary — no income. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Share on Google Plus Plus.

At the moment when selfemployed person stops working, it all stops. Regular job novcq network marketing.

Share on Facebook Share. Learn how your comment data is processed. They do not have any contact with jobs or businesses that are major for those who are being funded. This is definitive only mechanism in which lvadrant is working for money, with no active working role in process.


Robert Kiyosaki — quadrant. Home Lekcije Money flow quadrant.

Their companies or investments are working for them. It shows difference in roles related to employment status, as well as, difference in income size. It is so great and simple symbol, that can explain to anyone almost all aspects of money flow, work and earning.

Employees are what they are, because they are looking for safety or at least an assumption of safety, through promise of steady incomethrough good salary, and good benefits. There is big question if in year 3 you have grown Your restaurant that good, so you can say, you are finally working with profits. Of course, becoming novc owner is not that easy, and not even possible without initial investment. Download link will be included in subscription confirmation e-mail.

Now multiply this 12 or 24 times next year or two and see how much money is there.

Besplatne e-knjige

All what they expect is to get that money back with interest. That is why are they alway looking for best people in their industry to add them to their team. How much of an investment depends on many factors, but let us take some restaurant as example.

But where is the point that equalizes them? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Fact is that most of small to medium enterprises do not reach 5th birthday. So what Robert did kvadraant They have great goals and they are aware that they cannot achieve them alone.


OK, let us start from the beginning. Welcome gift Enter Your name and e-mail address in field bellow, and get free e-book that inspired one of covered topics.

I think that this was already covered in my previous post. This would be a bare minimum of items. Selfemployed people like to have more control over their life and work, usually are more confident and can be described through: Why would You do network marketing?

Thing is only in awareness and clear understanding of our current position in life, and if are we satisfied with that, or maybe we strive for more. Text above is just representation of places where we can get. Basic thing is that there is no more 1: I hope that You can now understand better why are some things happening in certain manner.

Meaning, they are working for someone else, have superiors, have a fixed kvaerant hours mostlyand trading their knowhow and knowledge for a monetary compensation. Save my name, email, and site URL in my browser for next time I post a comment. I believe that any Entrepreneur will confirm that their working hours are not 8 but more kvadant 12 to 14 hours a day. Changing positions within this quadrant is possible and natural.

If You have ever wondered, why some or all things regarding business, works a certain way, this is a great place to start understanding it. As same as if they are just employed, once they stop working, there is no more income.