About Jaap Sahib: Jaap is the bani (set of hymns) uttered by Guru Gobind Singh ji, the Tenth Sikh Guru. It is the first bani recorded on Shri. JapJi Sahib Path(With Meaning In Punjabi) Meaning In Punjabi). [Show slideshow] · Microsoft Word – Japji sahib viakhia3 – Copy. ▻. Punjab Today, 21 Dukhnivaran Sahib Market. Patiala , Punjab A spiritual treatise on the Naam-Jaap (Technique of reciting the Name of God). .. Punjabi in Gurmukhi & English Transliteration. GENERAL. NIT-NEM.

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Jaap Sahib – Wikipedia

Different metres have been repeated according to the requirements of the rhythmic flow of the jwap and its inherent message. Thou art the enlightenment of all saints. Salutation to the Store-house of food; Salutation to the Distributor of all diets. God is saluted by the holy saints within their minds.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. God, being, Omnipresent, transudates in every dress.


God provides strenght and energy to all. Salutation to God who gives blessings. Unshakable is His throne. God is Impartial to all, free from all attachments. How can one ever comprehend Him, who is beyond caste and creed, form and color?


Chaachri Chhand 02 1 1. God is Transudatory in water and land. God approaches everywhere to all. God is Unbruised and Unlimited. God is unmitigates Knowledge which cannot be destroyed. Salutation to the compassionate of all. Innumerable scriptures, Simritis, Puranas fail to comprehend His greatness.

God is beyond colour, form and beginning, He is invincible and Unborn but the Source of all life. Salutation to God over whom puunjabi master exists.

God provides work for all. God is Destroyer of tartarus.

Salutation to the Creator of the meainng universe. Guru helped Bahadur Shah in this struggle. God provides work for all for their sustaining. He is the destroyer of all sins. God is most Odoriferous. December 14, at 9: Salutation to the Formless. God is adorned everywhere by everyone all over the universe.

JapJi Sahib Path(With Meaning In Punjabi)

Salutation to the Impregnable. God is all beauty in all forms. The language of Jaap, is close to classical with words and compounds drawn from SanskritBrij BhashaArabic and Urdu. God is the Repository of everything. God holds up the earth. The blazing light of God is unbearable.

The King of all kings. Salutation to all meaningg Treasures. Salutation to the Immortal. Harpreet singh toor says: God is Sustainer, Destroyer, and Annihilator of all.


God is Destroyer of all. God is beyond fortunes. March 4, at 7: Salutation to God who is beyond religion. Jaap Sahib xvii Since Punjabi language is taught not only as a mother tongue but also as a second dahib and foreign language, it becomes imperative to adopt a scientific system for its study and analysis. Chaachri Chhand 15 4. The central theme of this scripture is praise of God and an attempt to comprehend the incomprehensible. Bhujang Prayaat Chhand has been used in six units and Punnjabi Chhand in five units.

God is Incorporeal and without name. Salutation to the Meaninb. Salutation to the Indestructible. God is beyond knowledge, Intangible, Immortal and Free from all bondages.

He is venerated by all and is ever beneficent. These sounds have high tones. God annihilates the enemies.