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ISO Terminology work — Vocabulary — Part 1: Theory and application. standard by International Organization for Standardization. Buy PN ISO TERMINOLOGY WORK – VOCABULARY – PART 1: THEORY AND APPLICATION from SAI Global. Buy NS ISO 1ED TERMINOLOGY WORK – VOCABULARY – PART 1: THEORY AND APPLICATION from SAI Global.

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Standardized general markup language application permitting linking of documents through selected access points. A related term is of associated meaning but not synonymous with the other term. A web language designed for use by applications that need to process the content of information instead of just presenting information to humans by facilitating greater machine interpretability of Web content than that supported by XML, RDF, and RDF Schema RDF-S by providing additional vocabulary along with a formal semantics.

Unit of knowledge created by a unique combination of characteristics. Relationship between preferred and non-preferred terms is an equivalence relationship in which each term is regarded as referring to the same concept. A term may contain symbols and can have variants, e. The specific linguistic means of expression always include subject-specific terminology and phraseology and also may cover stylistic or syntactic features. The goal of taxonomy formation is to achieve maximal simplicity and minimal overlap of distinctive characteristics.

If Terminology is to continue to exist as an independent scientific discipline, it needs to re-examine its Terminology Principles. Services are what you connect together using Web Services. International Organization for Standardization. Should Terminology Principles be re-examined?


For example, characteristics of the boundary may include the identification of any physical interconnections, description of signal exchanges across the boundary, or specification of functions performed on each side of the boundary. Nowadays, there is a risk of Terminology being absorbed as an independent discipline to the advantage of specialised lexicography or of knowledge engineering; the former reducing it to a study of linguistic phenomena and the latter, to an issue of computational knowledge representation.

Artificial language established to characterize the content or form of a document. Worldwide organization consisting of a network of the national standards institutes of countries formed to promote development of standards to facilitate the international carriage and exchange of goods and service and to develop mutual cooperation in the spheres of intellectual, scientific, technological, and economic activities.

To transfer programs or data from a computer to a connected computer with fewer resources, typically from a mainframe to a personal computer.

System of signs for communication usually consisting of a vocabulary and rules. Term related to another by an equivalence relation.


Also, a service has some type of underlying computer system that supports the connection offered. Special Language Metadata Definition 1: A word or term having exactly or very isso the same meaning as another word or term. PT Related Term Definition: The descriptor in effect substitutes for other terms expressing equivalent or nearly equivalent concepts.

Operations accomplished to obtain information about documents through a retrieval system. Arrangement of symbols indicating concepts into lso and their subdivisions to express generic relations or other types of relations between them.

Term lists, glossaries, taxonomies and thesauri are types of vocabularies found in Terminology Services. Preferred Term Definition 1: Science studying the structure, iwo, development, usage and management of terminologies in various subject fields.


However, by generalizing the concept of a “Web resource”, RDF can also be used to represent information about things that can be identified on the Web, even when they cannot be directly retrieved on the Web.

Terminological Dictionary Term Definition: Contact Us to ask a question, provide feedback, or report a problem. Examples include information about items available from on-line shopping facilities e. A broad facet, primary division of a special classification system or of a main class of a general one. Web Services refers to the technologies that allow for making connections.

Terminology work — Principles and methods.

ISO – European Standards

Corporate 11087-1 or individual intellectually responsible for a publication. A document that describes how to use a functional unit, and that may include description of the rights and responsibilities of the user, the owner, and the supplier of that functional unit.

Index term with a coordinate relation and equal rank to another index term. Examples of acronyms are: A language for representing information about resources in the World Wide Web, particularly intended for representing metadata about Web resources, such as the title, author, and modification date of a Web page, copyright and licensing information about a Web document, or the availability schedule for some shared resource.