The Irresistible Revolution is a book by Shane Claiborne published in This work, subtitled “Living as an Ordinary Radical”, describes and advocates what. Shane Claiborne, the author of The Irresistible Revolution, is a man of great moral clarity and bravery. He not only espouses and evangelizes. Love him or hate him, it is tough to accuse Shane Claiborne of being an armchair quarterback. He is not a man who seeks to convince people.

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Finally, Claiborne has some great self-awareness. But they, along with the too-cool-for-mainstream-culture “duct-taped” “cardboard” cover and the “dude, man” rhetoric, are clearly just cogs in the consumerist machine. In The Irresistible Revolution, he makes the very provocative case that the only possible life for a real Christian clakborne follow is to sell all of one’s possessions and work for the widow, the orphan, the poor, the oppressed.

The Irresistible Revolution, by Shane Claiborne | Center for Practical Theology

View all 10 comments. I liked this book. That’s what sets the Christian pacifists apart from regular pacifists, I’d say. If you want a terrible book about personal politics, anti-war sentiment, ckaiborne misuses of the word of God, then buy it. This book would not change that friend’s mind about anything. There are some very valid points in Shane’s take; but it is often muddled by the trite, “prophetic” tone of an idealist whose life worked for his ministry and demands claibrne it work exactly that way for all others.

The Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical

Jan 12, Dave Johnson rated it did not like it. Jun 16, Naomi rated it it was amazing. May 27, Joanna King rated it it was amazing Shelves: Not living in the slums. He argued that we should trust our executive branch to claibornf the right thing, and that innocent casualties in a war are worth the expense.

The Irresistible Revolution, by Shane Claiborne

Jan 20, Jason rated it liked it. To ask other shhane questions about The Irresistible Revolutionplease sign up. Instead, he takes on the responsibility of being a voice within the Church that will speak of the desires of God’s heart and not be silenced He covers hypocrisy in the church and how Christians get too comfortable with their faith life, among other things. The Revoultion Revolution is a book written from a place of love by someone who has put his love into rdvolution, and as such, I would recommend it to anyone who can read around its sometimes glaring flaws to find the challenging truths that make up the bulk of the book.


But I’m not compromising the message, you’re not putting my picture on the cover, and you’re not going to package it to be the next cool book on the social justice conservative revplution student bookshelf. Maybe I’m taking these things out of context, but that was the definite vibe I was getting so couldn’t make myself go on.

Shane Claiborne is doing what he hears God irrdsistible him to do, and that is so very admirable. Ultimately, however, his condescension towards Christians who might not share his views is exposed from beneath the veneer of charity, and by the end of the book I found that his message of love was too tainted by his holier-than-thou attitude. Ahh, the irresistible revolution of left-wing politics.

The Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical by Shane Claiborne

Ultimately so much of what Claiborne teaches is utter folly, even if it does sound attractive. Irresistible Revolution has perhaps more irrssistible and stories than his next books, preachable and well written, though less crafted.

Views Read Edit View history. The author as he grows older takes part in a number of churches including at one point spending time with Mother Teresa in India, attending services and getting involved, each is insufficient in some way so eventually he ends up living the most Christian as in true to the life that Jesus and the Apostles led in the Gospels as he can. I think if you’re looking for a book about living radically for God, then maybe Radical by David Platt is one I’d pick over this one.

Because only, Jesus, man. I really connected to the life experience he shared.

Igresistible membership in American megachurches continues to rise, the gospel message of care for all of humanity often ends as soon as it leaves the pulpit falling dead before it ever reaches many of the gathered congregation.


He doesn’t come out and say it, but I’m left with the feeling that he judges the rest of us just a little too harshly. Claibornne refuses to take the easy route of cynicism and uninvolvement.

What about working moms? It was SO awful that I couldn’t bear reading it anymore. However, al I had a hard time reading this book because of the writing, which left a lot to be desired. Recommendations Let me help you find the best books on: Jan 11, Lisa rated it it was ok. Thanks for telling us about the problem. He shines light on and brings into question beliefs and practices of both conservative and liberal Christians.

The book is rife with this kind of contradiction. It’s more about his political beliefs about police, America, Americans, the middle class, upper class, the war on terror, the war in Iraq, voting, and probably a lot of other things that i cant remember.

The youth pastor at my church fell into the second category. Claiborne’s book exposes his quest for authenticity in the church to act upon what preaching and Bible study exposes.

They see in his life a way of living out Scriptural principles; they are swept revolutino by it. On one hand, he has a great gift of exegesis, and can sling Bible passages with the best of them: The problems come when Claiborne misuses Scripture to make valid points.

I’m already enjoying my second read through and can’t wait to really dig into what Shane has to say, this time fully prepared and on board with his message.

Jesus came not just to prepare us to die but to teach us how to flaiborne. It is an inspiring call to live out the Christian life in radical ways. They aren’t US citizens, after all.