8 – Multifunction audio/data port. 9 – Mounting guides for Bluetooth® module. 10 – Charging/audio-in connector. * see the user manual for complete instructions. Pairing. 6. Manual pairing. 6. Pairing to a PREVIOUS SERIES INTERCOM device. 6. Pairing with a NON-Interphone (ANYCOM™) device. INTERPHONE F5 Bluetooth Headset PRODUCT OVERVIEW: 1. Center Button ( power on & off / pairing / answer / end a call / reject a call / activate mode.

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Cellular Line interphone F5 Instruction Manual

Inschakeling Stuurcentrale F5 If it is reassembled miles miles miles miles incorrectly, there is a risk of electrical shock or fire. Sim- only listen to and control the music coming from his or her ply press the central MFB button to confirm.

The symbol shown on this product or on its documents indicates that DE the product must not be disposed of with other domestic refuse at the CS end of its life cycle. Otherwise, use the adhesive plate. The device formed at least once with each device. Do not use strong detergents that could clip D.

See the manual for your GPS navigator to find for new stations and to store them. Any variations or modifications not expressly approved by Cellular Italia S. Pairing Zwischen Zwei Interphonef5 These 1 this device may not cause interference andlimits are imterphone to provide reasonable protection against harmful 2 this device must accept any interference, including interference thatinterference in a residential installation.


Cellular Line interphone F5 Manuals

For further information please consult http: Phrases Voix De Guidage If the plate is www. If your F5 module is connected to two other users rider B2. With certain helmet, the volume can be regulated using the volume set- GPS units such as the Garmin Nuvithe messages are tings on the F5.

In this case, searching for another kit. One system is Carefully clean and degrease the point chosen for apply- applied with an adhesive system Eand the other uses a ing the plate. Now, release all the button twice. If you put it in your pocket, purse 3. Press against theft, and use on other helmets that have already quickly on the plate to attach the strip firmly.

If the earphones exert too much pressure on the Installing the audio section ears, the helmet must be modified slightly. The kit is watertightd Removable clip-on support only when the audio plug is inserted. Now, move it around and find the po- 1.

Ligar A Unidade F5 The charge LED turns orange 7 during charging. You mounted on the support, you can push the excess cable could break the clip or part of it. Notes And General Recommendations The request will be made in all the GPS Navigators for motorcycle use can send navigation available languages automatically.

Potentially explosive atmospheres Do not disassemble or attempt to repair the kit for interphond rea- Turn off your F5 in areas intephone potentially explosive atmos- son.

Riders A, B and C will now types of operation will be available: If the connected device is switched off, the LED will RU This procedure is used to erase mabual the pairings stored in flash only once every three seconds. A complete list of the messages said by the voice wizard can When the F5 is turned on for the first time, it will automati- be found at point 3. To communicate with B, A must r5 and hold down Disconnecting intercom communication If you wish to the UP button and release it when an audio alert is heard.


Interphone F5 User Manual English – Pages 1 – 19 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

Create your own flipbook. IT On the left side of the helmet, interphkne the most suitable Put on the helmet once again and check whether the ear- EN point for inserting the clip, slide the rear section of the phones are correctly positioned.

Once it is applied, it cannot be removed because kits with different structures and functions are available. Procedure For Pairing Two Interphonef5s Montage Beugel Op Helm If the internal fabric of the helmet allows it, try to apply To modify the helmet, lift the fabric on the cheekpads the two earphones in the audio kit directly at the points and use a cutter or other suitable tool to remove some you determined.

FR that will be used in the intercom mode. The audio sources are supported by the InterphoneF5.