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Imzadi is a non-canon Star Trek novel by Peter David, primarily exploring William Riker’s assignment to Betazed and his early relationship with Deanna Troi. Imzadi has a complex structure, involving time travel through the Guardian of Forever, but a straightforward. Imzadi: to the people of the planet Betazed, including Counselor Deanna Troi of the Starship Enterprise,™ it means “beloved” and denotes that which can never. Read “Star Trek: Signature Edition: Imzadi Forever” by Peter David with Rakuten Kobo. Imzadi: to the people of the planet Betazed, including Counselor Deanna.

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At first I would want to call the structure in medias res and it is in the the over lying structurebut it seems iimzadi jump around too much in the middle while still very clear to refer to the structure that way. December 2, Sold by: The man in the greenish yellow shirt, whose mind was elsewhere and elsewhen.

View all 5 comments. Find out what one person would ultimately do for their soulmate – their Imzadi.

Retrieved August 23, Its name was unknown and would forever remain so. There were, in addition, two small lights, one brightly glowing red, the other pulsing a very soft green. Read Imzadi to see how a young Deanna Troi and a only slightly “seasoned” Lieutenant Riker unknowingly found the best part of themselves while creating the people we now know in the Next Generation Universe. What would your life forevfr like?


Such a good read. The Face of the Unknown. Death in Winter Rules of Engagement. The Lost Years Star Trek: Jul 22, Angela rated it it was ok.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I suppose, as one acquires more memories, that is natural.

In addition, it includes an original intro by me as well as an original interview in the back. Andrew at November 11, Star Trek Into Darkness.

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Karen rated it really liked it Jun 21, She was simply called Mary Mac. They had a slight tint and huge frames. So if you ever lent out your copy of “Imzadi” or the sequel and never got it back, now you can have a cheap edition with additional stuff you didn’t know you wanted or needed.

Toggle navigation Star Trek Books. Eric Butler rated it really liked it May 12, Something about the way Imzadi II was written was just too much, but the story was good. From the chill that cut through the air, he had expected that the Guardian would feel cool, even cold.


The Next Generation” Encounter at Farpoint “; this also included the word imzadia Betazoid term of endearment usually translated as “beloved”.

Top 10 Star Trek Books for Valentine’s Day | Star Trek Books

Yet to whom does Deanna’s heart truly belong? Corey at November 11, Sight Unseen Star Trek: She had conversed with the vast portal on a number of different occasions, and every time there was some new nuance to its replies. And the entire Betazoid culture becomes a land of touchy-feely, wimpy art lovers. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. But I foeever like it.

Commander William Riker was the first Deanna called Imzadi. A real page-turner for Trek fans!! She was, however, fully clothed.