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Inversions is a Culture series novel by the noted British author Iain M Banks. If I had to sum up Inversions with one word it would probably be “Different”. Taking a bit of a break from Hugo stuff (but not really), today I’m talking about Iain M. Banks’ Inversions, which I’m reading along with kamo of. Inversions (Culture) [Iain M. Banks] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Iain M. Banks, the international bestselling author of The Player of.

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This is the primary tool of his subtlety.

It is possible to deduce that considering the King’s progressive direction, that the Culture has placed Vosill in Haspidus in order to keep the King alive as he brings about radical changes and drives the state towards a more equal society; something which would be greatly hindered if the existing nobility which surround the King were allowed to instill their influence or, much more probably, dispose of the King as he begins to change the status quo which they hold so sacred.

The barons of Ladenscion initially supported Urleyn’s revolution, apparently wishing for freedom from the previous monarch, and now wish for complete independence. Oct 12, Megan Baxter rated it really liked it. They married in Hawaii in The Culture series by Iain M. The soldiers were eventually killed, but Perrund still feels she is now dead inside. View all 4 comments. In an interview in Socialist Review he claimed he did this after he “abandoned the idea of crashing my Land Rover through the gates of Fife dockyard, after spotting the guys armed with machine guns.

But if you’ve read the other Culture novels, the book is littered with hints that the two main characters whose respective stories are intertwined, forming the “inversions”, are clearly Culture.

They start plotting to capture her and torture her but their schemes always seem to fail due an unknown force behind the doctor. My favorite book by Iain [M] Banks, who is one of my absolute favorite authors. Inversions is perhaps the “hardest read” of Banks’ science fiction books exactly because it’s so much on the fringes of sci-fi and hides so much of the “real story” from the readers, forcing you to pay more attention than most sci-fi, which has a tendency to shove it’s ideas in your face even when those ideas are deep and profound.

The chapters titled “The Doctor” are narrated by Oelph, assistant to a king’s doctor, Doctor Vorsill she annoys the nobles of the kingdom both for being a foreigner and a woman.


Caught up in events they are too small to change — even with all the wonders of technology and endless life, we can never truly escape the human condition — I am touched by the bitter-sweetness of first love, the gloating pride of the powerful and helpless hatred of the powerless Banks does some of his best writing on par with Crow Road and Use of Weapons.

Things did not turn out very well for anyone involved in the story.

Inversions (novel) – Wikipedia

Banks revealed in April that he had late-stage cancer. Inversions is about these two characters called “The Doctor” and “The Bodyguard”, each onversions their stories are told in alternating chapters.

These are my top five Culture novels, but I wish have included at least five more. All the guys are gonna be talking sportsball references and other intelligentsia, and I am umm…. It’s well worth the read. Under threat of death the nurse reveals who has been orchestrating the poisoning: Baks is also another contrast here between Urleyn and the King, in that while King Quience has a degree of respect for women, Urleyn is depicted as a womaniser, frequently visiting the palace brothel, and with a sun but no mention of a wife.

Michael Straczynski 4 J. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Inverisons not saying that it isn’t just that you have to look closely. Inversiond relationship with Urleyn and her deep friendship with DeWar signify that Perrund an important figure in the narrative, not least because she once saved Urleyn from assassination and was crippled as a result.

Share this review Google Pinterest Facebook Twitter. There is ugliness, because Banks never shies from that, and there is quite inversiona bit of witty repartee between the Doctor and her King and between the Bodyguard and the General Protector’s favorite concubine. Did you say, Give up all your own ways of doing things, the gods that you worship, the beliefs you hold most dear, the traditions that make you who you are? She leaves just a few days later on a ship for Drezen, and is seen off at inversionss dock by Oelph.

It would still be a damn good read, but if you read a few other Culture novels first reading Inversions will be so much more rewarding.

30 years of Culture: what are the top five Iain M Banks novels?

Notably, as a direct contrast to the King of Haspidus, when the leaders of a nearby land named Ladenscion desire greater autonomy banke Protectorate control, Urleyn responds by denying their requests and threatening war. We’re teased with mysteries like how no Drezeni has heard of Dr. But first some old scores must be settled.

The Culture elements that exist in Inversions enrich an already rich story, suggesting a whole universe beyond the confines of the world only recently discovered to be round instead of flat and its people, but this time the story doesn’t focus on the Culture. The soldiers who raped her were not the former King’s men at all, not even men allied to UrLeyn, but the man himself, as well as his current, closest advisers.


That, then, is the set-up. If you haven’t read any of the culture series books yet, you might enjoy this book, but you will miss all references to the overall series – which I think would be a pity because this is what the book is all about. I twigged on, somewhere between the casual way a side character held an odalisque’s head under water for serving him bad wine and the time a main character described how she was dead ever since she was raped. Email required Address never made public.

There are two narratives in alternate chapters- the first is told from the perspective of Oelph, apprentice to This sixth book set in the universe of the Culture is very different from it’s predecessors. Other books in the series. In lateBanks was a prominent member of a group of British politicians and media figures who campaigned to have Prime Minister Tony Blair impeached following the invasion of Iraq.

But their plots are so childish that it starts getting on your nerves to continue with the book. Inversions has much in common with Matter – one of the later entries to the Culture series – in that it focuses almost entirely upon a medieval society housed upon an alien world. His imagination in the series is seemingly limitless, almost boasting of what science fiction is capable of, in all its pomp and excess. Ultimately the blame is publicly taken by Ulresile, who escapes with being exiled for several months; the King makes it clear that further plots against the doctor will not be tolerated.

To fully appreciate the subtle nuances and hidden gems in it, i think it’s better to have read at least some other Culture books, not because of any interlinked story but to appreciate the quiet hints dropped in it. Follow me on Twitter! It has been too long since a visit to Iain M.

I would definitely recommend this book, but you must accept that nothing happens, there is no real ending, and there isn’t even a message to it all.