In I Wonder as I Wander, Langston Hughes vividly recalls the most dramatic and intimate moments of his life in the turbulent s. In I Wonder as I Wander: An Autobiographical Journey, Langston Hughes recounts his travels during the ‘s through the United States, Mexico, and Cuba. Essays and criticism on Langston Hughes’ I Wonder as I Wander – Critical Essays .

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Amid these huge socio-political forces, Hughes manages to find personal connections to the people he meets, to find humor and pleasure and friendship no matter where he is. Looking for More Great Reads?

Hughes could not sit at ii same table with Hemingway in America, due to the color lines drawn, but both he and Hemingway could dine together with writers in Barcelona, during the war.

Hughes has no qualms about calling out injustice, and I appreciated that. Langston Hughes covered a lot of wanver in the s and langstin and saw a lot of places that are still difficult for people to travel to. Despite all the hardships he encounters, I envy him his male privilege — being able to travel so freely without constantly fearing for his physical safety. Also by Langston HughesArnold Rampersad. His hosts are duly impressed with his writing and invite friends and langtson to parties in his honor, and as pleased and cordial as he is, he longs for an occasional night of rest and quiet in a rented private room—off limits to a black man at that time.

Where Jim Crow laws are alive and well. Charles Michener and Peter Duchin. I found it to be a humorous and insightful book.

I Wonder as I Wander by Langston Hughes, Arnold Rampersad | : Books

The Nobel Lecture In Literature, From Toussaint to Price-Mars. He details most graphically huughes middle year of the siege of Madrid: Hughes writes with economic simplicity – in the easy style of a poet but with less lyricism than one might expect. Instead of focusing on military dander guaranteed to make my eyes glaze overhe focused on civilian life in besieged Madrid.


But he got up and went away shaking his head.

A can-do spirit informs just about everything Hughes undertakes, whether he’s cobbling together speaking engagements at black colleges in the South, trying to get back from Cuba, or labgston out how to visit China despite the red tape.

He begins with a short chapter about travels in Cuba and Haiti, where he goes to recover from confusion and sadness after wnader abandoned by his former patroness. See 1 question about I Wonder as I Wander….

Little Dancer Aged Fourteen. Tomorrow I’ll sit at the table When company comes. The book gave me a totally new perspective on the Soviet experiment. After all, can one truly learn black history without listening to the experience of the ones directly affected? Since then, I have fallen in love. I chose this because I wanted to traverse black history month by following the wanderings of one of the most important voices in black literature.

In this research, has great adventures. Your display name should be at least 2 characters long. He was in a myriad of dangerous and physically uncomfortable situations during his travels, but what comes across is his langson of it all. I tried to tell [him] woner one can drink champagne and talk about Proust or Gide in New York. He never had much money, so he did not stay in the fancy hotels; hughse he preferred to become acquainted with what I would call the ‘regular people’: Cover design by Sara Eisenman.

I Wonder as I Wander: An Autobiographical Journey by Langston Hughes

Back to California where a friend loaned him a house to live in for a year so Hughes could write. He crafts his stories with compassion and hughess, and writes in an entertaining and easy-to-read style.


Stay in Touch Sign up. Like Hughes, she traveled the Caribbean and the American South but without one bad thing to say about segregation or discrimination.

Koestler very reasonably thinks this is an inappropriate reaction to a clear miscarriage of justice, but Hughes doesn’t really take Koestler’s implied criticism very seriously. I read this to learn from the man whose works is often relegated to Ws and the race lines, but one who is in fact world-rounded; one who, like Hemingway of his time, traveled the world, from Africa to Asia Soviet Asiathe Caribbean to Europe, from where he wrote numerous articles, stories, plays, poems, and reportage.

In I Wonder as I WanderLangston Hughes vividly recalls the most dramatic and intimate moments of his life in the turbulent s.

I found myself much more interested in this period of his life than I expected!

I Wonder as I Wander

Ghost of a Chance. This was a revelation to me on many levels. His experiences as a black man were even more so as wpnder did play a part in his travels. Lahgston observational skills are immense. Apr 07, Bob rated it it was amazing. In Hughes’ memoir, I read as he observed how art in the form of theatre, dance, writing, folklore, music, and graphics helped snap portraits of the world during a time of social change.

But when the Franco troops besieged Madrid in overwhelming numbers early in the days of the Civil War, and when it seemed that the city could hold out no longer, word spread that if Madrid fell to Franco the Moorish legions would rape all the women in the city.