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Service Guide. Publication Number (order as manual set) The security code is set to “HP” when the function generator is. Note: Unless otherwise indicated, this manual applies to all Serial Numbers. The Agilent .. For information on using the Phase-Lock Option for the HP A. Microsoft® Windows® included. Agilent A. 15 MHz Function /. Arbitrary Waveform Generator. Note: Unless otherwise indicated, this manual applies to all .

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The baud mxnual can be set from the front-panel only. You can sweep up or down in frequency, and with either linear or logarithmic spacing. Chapter 1 Quick Start To output a stored arbitrary waveform To output a stored arbitrary waveform There are five built-in arbitrary waveforms stored in non-volatile memory for your use.

Also notice that the hop frequency is displayed with h;33120a digits than the carrier frequency. Each waveform can contain between 8 and 16, data points.

HP A USER MANUAL Pdf Download.

In this example, you will enable the function generator to automatically recall the power-down state when power is turned on. Page 44 Features and Functions Quick Start Quick Start One of the first things you will want to do with your function generator is to become acquainted with its front panel.


Repeat this step as needed. To replace the mAT fuse, order HP part number When the gate signal is true, the function generator outputs a continuous waveform.

The default frequency is 1 kHz for all functions. This is the correct fuse for all line voltages. You may never have to change some of the parameters discussed here, but they are provided to give you the flexibility you might need. The function generator outputs one burst or Single initiates one sweep each time you press the key.

The bus address is displayed. Front-Panel Number Entry You can enter numbers from the front-panel using one of three methods. Page 79 Chapter 3 Features and Functions Burst Modulation Burst Rate The burst rate defines the frequency at which internally triggered bursts are generated. Press or execute TRIG: The function generator will accept only an internal modulating signal no external source is available.

The default is Vpp. For example, if you output a 1 MHz sine wave and then change the function to triangle wave, the function generator will adjust the output to kHz the upper limit for triangle waves.

HP 33120A User Manual

The Trig annunciator turns on when the function generator is kanual for a single trigger. If the specified offset voltage is not valid, the function generator will automatically adjust it to the maximum dc voltage allowed with the present amplitude.

The front-panel display will light up while the function generator performs its power-on self-test. Page 72 Chapter 3 Features and Functions Burst Modulation Burst Modulation You can configure the function generator to output a waveform with a specified number of cycles, called a burst. Shift 1 Use recall menu to return to the command.


As you modify the value, the end point is output. At power-on, the units for output amplitude are volts peak-to-peak. All of the standard output functions except dc and noise have an associated sync signal. Page 20 Front-Panel Menu Operation The function generator beeps and displays a message to show that the change is now manuak effect.

Function generator is in remote mode remote interface. If you continued change to a function that is not allowed with the selected modulation, the modulation mode is turned off.

Page 73 Chapter 3 Features and Functions Burst Modulation Burst Trigger Manyal In the triggered burst mode, the function generator outputs a waveform with the specified number of cycles burst count each time a trigger is received.

Chapter 2 Front-Panel Menu Operation To output a modulated waveform To output a modulated waveform A modulated waveform consists of a carrier and a modulating waveform. Bench-top viewing positions Carrying position