Hesse’s novel of two medieval men, one quietly content with his religion and monastic life, the other in fervent search of more worldly salvation. Goldmund, a novice, enters the monastery. Like Narcissus, Goldmund is very beautiful. Goldmund’s horse stays in the monastery. His only. ‘Narziss and Goldmund’ is a moving, symbolic novel of friendship between a cerebral teacher who becomes a monk (Narziss) and a restless.

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Since in his case experience led to wisdom, Golvmund represented to me the via positiva, the path to enlightenment which leads through lovingly appropriated experience, while Narcissus, remaining behind in the monastery, represented the via negativa, the path to enlightenment obtained by critical thinking and contemplative withdrawal. However, this time he encounters Narziss, who has been elevated to abbot of the monastery in which Goldmund was originally educated, but manages to save Goldmund from capital punishment after he has been caught fleeing from a rendezvous with the mistress of the ruler of the city.

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Middle Way Society

It is about searching for meaning. Looking forward to reading it. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

June 30, at But Goldmund thinks that he can’t make a piece of art like this another time and also criticizes Master Niklaus’ bourgeois lifestyle. The Story of a Youth. His best known works include SteppenwolfSiddharthaand The Glass Bead Game also known as Magister Ludi which explore an individual’s search for spirituality outside society.


Hesse’s novel is set in medieval Europe in the midth century and tells the story of the friendship of its two title characters. I read the Glass Bead Game while in Germany as a young man. Goldmund has to rely on himself.

Essi rappresentano due condizioni esistenziali diverse, condizioni che possono e devono convivere.

Summary of Hermann Hesse’s book

anc We are all trying to hfsse sense of this world we live it. Wherever he stays, whether it be in a modest farmhouse, the castle of a knight or a large city, he manages to satisfy his sexual desires by seducing countless women.

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. It is a Plato of reason and the mind but a Plato fully aware of the power of art and the senses. It made me rethink great deal of things.

June 29, at 6: But he never stays in one place long enough to have a lasting and deep friendship like the one he had with Narcissus. Since reading Hesse in my college years of fifty years ago I have tended to avoid him with the exception of rereading “Steppenwolf”. Hermann Hesse – http: It is not our purpose to become each other; it is to recognize each other, to learn to see the other and honor him for what he is: I call it a tale because the setting and story are not realistic but the writing is so good, the words just seem to flow and you enjoy reading it.


Largely metaphorical, this has the feel of a cautionary fairy tale with no true compass as to geography or time. There the near-similarity ends. One is a thinker the other a feeler, one values rationality and reason and the other values intuition.

These themes have a strong appeal to students and young people. I have several titles by Herman Hesse on a shelf and he never even occurred to me for German lit month. This novel did a wonderful job of capturing that and I love it for it. Share your thoughts with other customers. The narrative, as with all of Hesse’s works, presents two young men who are more or less reverse images of each other: The way of the mystic was for Narziss as much as the way of the artist was for Goldmund.

Buy the selected items together This item: I took “Narcissus and Goldmund” in my hands. Io, da ragazzo, ci leggo qualcosa di diverso rispetto a quello che avrei potuto leggerci da ragazzino.

Goldmund looks up to Narcissus, and Narcissus has much fondness for him in return. Pages with related products. Goldmund and Narcissus have a lengthy dialogue, how God can rule a plague-ridden world like this.