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The original design for this motor should be credited to John Bedini and Ron Cole. John Bedini is recognized today as an electrical/electronic. The article following is a brief account of my construction and testing of the Bedini /Cole window motor. It is a work in progress and thus may. Besides this motor, there is one version called a “Bedini-Cole Window Motor” This is what it looks like: The plans have been given out to the.

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Do you know if there would be any objection to that or alternatively, any way of contacting Mike to ask his permission? We are interested primarily in the capacitor version as it demonstrates very clearly that conventional science needs to motorr revised to encompass both perpetual motion and the Zero-Point Energy field which provides the power for what we see as perpetual motion: Everyone is welcome to come and watch the progress or show their own progress.

Excellent detective work by John. Lockridge did not tell them that he sanded the brushes smaller than the commutator segmentsso the people sold them for the copper.

Bedini-Cole Window Motor Electric motor runs without draining batteries!!! – Energetic Forum

These are the keys to making it work properly and his comments are an analysis on what Mike said about his modification of John’s circuit. Focus on coole Mike said or “Fail”. I just need to figure out a way to gain 0. I hook the output of the step motor to the imput battery and after 11 days it’s still at For the sake of brevity, a package has been made with quite a few pictures and the video related to this:.


Windoow the capacitor it could not transform the spike from the motor. I will scavenge up a hall ic from something.

Notice that the fan bearings are in slotted groves if you angle the shaft the magnetic spins angle different causing the fan to slow down, if you angel the other direction the co,e speeds up. There are at least half a dozen working on it.

The Group needs to understand what they are buildingthey are building a machine that takes advantage of a simple trigger system, you must supply the trigger to cause the effect to happen.

Message ofThu Nov 23, 3: Several variations for this design are possible. That tells you something.

Bedini/Cole Window Motor with a Jefimenko electrostatic motor twist

At the back of the shaft is a mass weight 1lb flywheel for rotation. To post a Make, come back to this Thing and click Post a Make. Welcome to John Bedini Be careful not to miss any links because they are scattered and hidded all over his websites. Moyor trial and error I willget to where I am headed, so be patient with me when you see blunders I am making.

I am mmotor a 6 pole rotor and I noticed on Johns lab notes that the steel rotor goes slow, and the non magnetic rotor goes fast. Keep up the great work! Hi Patrick, Most of what Mike posted is hbdini public domain now and I don’t think he has any copyright to it that I know of. Hi Jetijs, I remember all the soap opera going on about that motor.

Indeech calculated, and also its mass is probably much less than the guessed 2. It should do the same thing. I wished that you had signed it, anyway I took two of my five SSG’s and hooked it up to one 12volt garden tractor battery that has a bad cell so consequently I do not care what happens to this battery. This link is very good http: All the members, including John Bedini himself, for months tried to figure out how Mikes setup could work. I just know that this is how I got it to run longer.


Rick’s self runner appears to have self run and boosted input battery voltge. Two EMF spikes per cycle When you go to run your motor have a AM radio close to the stator coil you should here two cracks brodcasted for every magnet pair passing.

Modified Bedini Cole Window Motor. Imagine what one might do if you had an outboard motor pull cord on that shaft to really get that thing whizzing at the start. These group verifications cannot be done properly with a? I did a quick visual inspection and it looks OK and coe cap holds a charge but when I turn the shaft it does not run, more checks. You can follow this work here: It just sat there and ran. John shows the timing for the pulses taken directly from a commutator where sliding contacts move across a copper dindow on the shaft of the motor.

But if we do not have the space I will make an internet page. If you move the fan alignment the fan will go through speed changes. I hook my small bedini sg with a small step motor and got decent results.

Come back with more results!!! I’m not implying this is what Rick’s will do The problem I see is that the back-EMF on the coil, and hhbedini resistance in the wire eventually eats up enough of the excess energy produced, it stops.