Frankfurt-Hohenheimer Leitfaden*). Einführung. Der Frankfurt-Hohenheimer Leitfaden zur ethischen Bewertung von Unternehmen wurde im Zusammenwirken. Frankfurt M.: Frankfurt School Verlag. Ethische Kriterien für die Bewertung von Unternehmen: Frankfurt-Hohenheimer Leitfaden. Frankfurt M.: IKO. IÖW (Institut. Suhrkamp, Frankfurt Hoffmann J, Ott K, Scherhorn G (eds) () Ethische Kriterien f ̈ur die Bewertung von Unternehmen – Frankfurt-Hohenheimer Leitfaden.

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Leitfaven extensive is the geographical distribution of the suppliers? In the VTA values are defined as preferences or “concepts of what is desirable”. In order to evaluate this, the size of the proportion has to be determined, and whether or not appropriate measure have been taken in order to enlarge it.


How often was the company found guilty? Addressees of the guidelines. Over 90 percent of the funds managed in accordance with ethical criteria made use of three or more criteria. Is surplus heat made use of or avoided? Are there distinct interpretive criteria e. How often has the company been subject to investigations arising from the violation of the law, either in the home country or abroad?


Patent auf indischer Lebensbaum als Pestizid? Foreign countries, particularly less and least developed countries LDCs see also Cultural Sustainability.

Striving for expansion should not be enforced at the expense of the legitimate stakeholders’ claims customers, employees, hohenheimet, suppliers, communities etc.

One of the concrete actions that can be evaluated here is the proportion of women among the employees.

A company can only be rated cultural sustainable if hohenhimer pursues not only profit maximization, but also ethical goals. The project was conducted under the supervision of Prof. Is there a normative codex?: Corporate cultural sustainability comprises social and environmental sustainability in so far as they both are part of the ethical goals, which, taken together, amount to cultural sustsainability.


Brazil, several countries in Eastern Asia and developing countries? Investors who so think are supported by studies that have been able to show that on average ethical investments have led to higher yields than the usual type of investments.

Forschungsgruppe Ethisch-Ökologisches Rating (ALT) – Frankfurt-Hohenheimer-Guidelines

Guidelines for the ethical evaluation of companies do indeed give rise to challenging moral philosophical questions, as well as criteriological ones, but they should not be burdened with unnecessary theoretical ballast. Sense of proportion and restraint. Children The company employs no children under 12 years of age.

Du sollst fremdes Eigentum respektieren! Does the company consequently pursue envisioned goals eg. In this process it is conceivable that they orient themselves in terms of principles such as: The system and performance-rating of the environmental sustainability refers to the environmental management, the development of ecological products and services and the environment data. Hence the rating agency bears a joint responsibility for the determination of the relative importance of the leitfafen items.

Leitfadej company does not engage in ruinous competition. Have they been leitfasen in agreement with the works council? Are there management principles set down in writing which are framkfurt to the employees? An open atmosphere for discussion is cultivated consciously.

This responsibility is not exhausted by the observation of existing laws legalismbut rather includes the “moral culture” of a company as well.

To the extent possible jobs are kept open during the time of family leave. They can perhaps best be characterized as incomplete duties in Kant’s sense, i. There are programs for occupational reintegration following a period of family leave reintegration aids. Women Proportion of women Percentage of women on the work force: Are there distinct interpretive criteria e. Marginal employees Percentage of employees whose employment contracts lie below the limit requiring social security payments by the company percentage.


In the positive case a value concept represents a striving, as it were, towards the realization of the state of affairs intended by fundamental moral principles. This is not a mutually exclusive alternative. On the positive side, value concepts can indeed reflect the wisdom of population groups or majority segments of the population with respect to conduct in the various areas of life. The company endeavors to hire its trainees after the training period.

Explicit policy on women plans for women’s advancement, women’s representatives, etc. In this area the investor finds under “External interest groups” a subordinate item designated “Foreign countries”. This requires that even the cardinal virtues be precisely defined, however. It is not seldom the case that two companies in the same industry and of the same size differ radically with respect to the value concepts in terms of which they orient themselves.

This was leitfade shown to be the case for the U. What materials are imported from LDCs?

Ethisch-ökologisches Rating: der Frankfurt-Hohenheimer Leitfaden und seine – Google Books

Are local products deliberately being replaced? Health Safety in the workplace There is a company health policy in accordance with which the company takes particular measures in order to maintain and promote the health of its employees. Indianer im brasilianischen Regenwald?

Externalization strategies Is the company aware of the externalization of environmental costs? From the perspective of cultural compatibility, therefore, it is a component of the assessment of a company to ascertain its affinity with destructive as well as with constructive value concepts that are current in the society in which it finds itself.

Then the EU regulations still have to be translated into national law.