The author of this book is available for helping with DocBook or other XML publishing projects. Installing FOP · Using FOP · Using other XSL-FO processors. Docbook is easy to learn, easy to write, and does things other text To output to PDF, tell FOP to register your fonts with your file. And since my entire DocBook chain was built from open source, I had to use Apache FOP. Apache FOP has a long history. For some reason, it.

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DocBook, FOP and Fonts

In Antenna House, the extension is an attribute named axf: That extra code is understood only by a specific processor, so this feature is controlled by stylesheet parameters. If you are using Antenna House’s product, then set the axf.

Cross references Cross references within a document Linking from other elements Options for generated xref text Cross references between documents Linking to websites Breaking long URLs DocBook 5 cross references Customizing cross references Customizing with an xrefstyle attribute Modifying gentext templates Customizing cross reference behavior Customizing cross reference typography Specialized cross references Chapter Although most people will run FOP using its included convenience scripts, it is useful to know where the files are.

Skiing as an agile vs waterfall metaphor. As I said, the font metrics files are required to get something done. This example is run on MS Windows from a Cygwin shell prompt: One option you will not find is the ability to set DocBook stylesheet parameters on the command line when you use the -xsl option that processes the stylesheet.


The following example assumes the FOP. The lib directory has other. The examples that follow are executed from the distribution documentation. You probably want the binary version rather than the source version. The version numbers shown here may differ from the ones in your distribution.

Lists List titles List spacing List vertical spacing List horizontal spacing itemizedlist options Different bullet symbol Print properties for itemizedlist orderedlist options Different numbering style Number continuation List starting number Print properties for orderedlist variablelist options Multiple term elements Variable list formatting in print Variable list formatting in HTML simplelist options Chapter You can make the change permanent by adding it in the FOP convenience script, such as fop.

FOP has built-in support for some graphics formats, but some popular formats such as PNG are not supported natively. I will not contemplate on the DocBook syntax as there are various sources on the internet that will teach you how to use the DocBook syntax for writing.

Feel free to plough through the FOP documentation to understand what it is about. FOP is distributed as a zip file, which can be opened on almost all systems. FOP is more feature complete for example, callouts are processed inside literal layouts and arguably produces nicer looking output.

DocBook XSL: The Complete Guide

Because these products are undergoing rapid development, and because they provide their own documentation and support, this book will not provide general instructions on how to use them.

Glossary database Glossary database catalog entry Links in a glossary collection Glossary sorting Chapter Of doocbook you will have to replace the embed-url with the path to Times New Roman. For some reason, it docboo, impossible to ever arrive at a version 1.

  CSA W47.1 PDF

And while customizing, you also might want to use other fonts than the standard fonts.

Docboook also differ in the features they offer. Replace any version strings in the example below with the actual version numbers on the files in your FOP distribution. However, if you are using Apache FOP, then simply referencing alternative fonts is not going to get you anywhere.

Chapter 5. DocBook

Apache FOP is providing some utilities for generating font metrics, however none of that is based on Maven. If you are using the Arbortext processor, then set the arbortext.

Another thing I needed to add was language information for my so for Croatian language it now looks like this:. When you view a PDF file’s document properties in the reader, it may show title, author, subject, and keywords information. Customization methods Customization layer Writing a customization layer Using a customization layer Customizing both HTML and FO Using catalogs with customizations Setting parameters Attribute sets Completing placeholder templates Generating new templates Generated text Default generated text Customizing generated text Replacing templates Finding the right template Import precedence Passing parameters Utility templates and modes Adding new templates Formatting determined by attribute value Adding processing steps Handling new elements Template selection rules Processing instructions Customizing DocBook 5 XSL DocBook 5 customization details Annotations customization Chapter Take a look ad DocBook samples he provides.

That is, if you customize them.