“Ibalon is one of the only two epics that come from Christian Filipinos (the other one being the “Biag ni Lam-ang). The rest come from the non-Christian groups. Bantong, Handiong’s good friend, was ordered to kill the new monster in Ibalon. He took with him a thousand warriors to attack Rabot’s den. Read the following: The Three Heroes of Ibalon The epic tells the story of three Bicol heroes. Baltog, a mighty warrior of Batavara, came by chance upon the lush .

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He helped the people learn cooking, making pots called coronstoves, earthen jars, and other kitchen utensils. Bantong also learned that Rabot loved to sleep during the day and stayed awake at night.

Though the Epkc had very long fangs, he was able to pin down the monstrous, wild boar and break apart its very big elic. Ginantong made the plow, harrow, and other farming tools. They went after evildoers, usually to those with hidden guilt, who could not be brought to justice. But using his wisdom against Rabot, he did not attack the giant right away. Ibalon, a Bicolano epic, was assigned for us to present. Characters of the story: With sweet words she would entice Handiong, who would search the forests for her.

Aralin sa Filipino – Samut. He came to Bikol with his followers after Baltog, and came to be the most famous of the tawong-lipod.

Upon learning of the victory of their Chief Baltog, the people prepared a feast and celebrated. The rest come from the non-Christian groups. Soon after, Handiong came to Bikol and destroyed the wild creatures roaming the land. Josephine Acosta Pasricha Indologist.


He cut ibalno giant into two with his very sharp bolo and without any struggle, Rabot died. Kimantong is attributed to have been the first Bikolano to fashion the rudder called timonthe sail called layagthe plow called aradothe harrow called surodthe ganta and other measures, the roller, the yoke, the boloand the hoe.

They continued fighting until the defeat of the last Triburon. It is unlikely that the ancient Bikolanos had worshiped idols. Siya ang kinilalang hari ng Ibalon. Ito ay si Oriol. Nagpanibagong buhay ang mga tao ngayon ay sa pamumuno epid Bantong. Takay was a lovely maiden who, according to legend, drowned during the great flood in the epic.

Ibalon: A Bicolano Epic – Summer Chronicles

They tamed the wild carabaos. Handyong sealed all the serpents inside a huge cave in Mount Hantik. He is believed to have become the water hyacinth in what is now Lake Bato.

Si Baltog ay matanda na upang makilaban. What I picked up from this epic are some of the prominent characteristics of a bayani: The plague of the land, he was also known as the great liar.

He was strong and brave. Naging payapa ang Ibalon. The part of the water in which the spirit fell transformed into land. There was Kimantong who made the plow, harrow and other farming tools.

He slew the Tandayag Boar in a bone-wracking combat. It is now called the Strait of San Bernardino and is considered enchanted or engkantado. The Ibalong stresses the humble accomplishments and peaceful pursuits of the early Bikolanos.

Learn this Filipino word: Handyong and his men made their next attack against the giant flying sharks called Triburon which had hardly flesh and sawlike teeth that could crush rocks. As warriors, they first fought the one-eyed monster with three necks in the land of Ponong.


His “linsa”, or gabi plants, were the lushiest in the place, but were destroyed by a great Tandayag boar. Ito ay kalahating tao at kalahating hayop. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Course Descriptions – Adventist University of the Philippines.

This maiden did not love him back, and so the spirit was enraged. Almost all bayanis are male They have supernatural strength They fight monsters They have lengthy expeditions They are revered by their townspeople Furthermore, I realized that some of these characteristic still apply to eplc modern definition of bayani that we have today.

Torn apart from the mainland was Malbogon, now an islet, where lived two witches named Hilan and Lariong.

Then one night, a monstrous, wild boar known as Tandayag saw these field and destroyed the crops.

The Ibalon

Eppic Angongolood lurked along shadowy riversides. Siya’y nanggaling pa sa lupain ng Batawara. The ants are believed to have inhabited this mountain’s Kalupnitan Caves, where Handyong drove and buried alive the wily, sweet-voiced serpents that masqueraded as lovely maidens.

Curiously, Handyong was saddened by Rabot’s death.

Ibalon (English version of epic from Bicol) A long, long time ago

Si Hablon naman ay nagturo sa mga tao ng paghabi ng tela. Three volcanoes, named Hantik, Kulasi, and Isarog erupted simultaneously. The serpents were probably related to Oryol, a serpent with a beautiful voice and could change its image to deceive enemies.