NET sample that uses the and this seems to be what I want, but I am not very familiar OleDocumentProperties Dim CP As DSOFile. Add reference to your project: “DSO OLE Document Properties Reader “. VBA example of using DSOfile: Private Function fnFileTitle(ByVal. I can use DSO OLE Document Properties Reader to view properties of VB6 Sample code for reading file properties using DSOFILE

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Reply 9 years ago. South Africa – English. Developer Fusion – The global developer community oledocumentpropertties. Quick links Most recent Most popular Unanswered My threads.

64 Bit Application Cannot Use DSOfile

I want to retrieve the document properties for a. Scott Carline replied to 4 x C Developers for large An item by that name already exists in the collection. Post a reply Enter your message below Sign in or Join us it’s free. I want to add one of these custom properties using a VBScript file.


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Hi, Code is working fine very help full. I’ve downloaded the ole file property reader linked at the bottom of the page. The file type is an msi. I am not sure whether it is same effective for.

Retrieving the Summary properties of a file

I registered the dll using regsvr32, but errors are being returned. Managed hosting by Everycity.

Here’s sample code to accomplish your task: If i use the same code in windows or console application this is working fine. You dofile close the current document before opening a new one in the same object. Or you could submit an event or a user group in your area. Indonesia Bahasa – Bahasa.

64 Bit Application Cannot Use DSOfile – CodeProject

The object is not connected to the document it was removed or the document was closed. NET tutorials C programming. This is a comment thread discussing Retrieving the Summary properties of a file. To read and write custom file properties, you need to use the DSOFile.


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Reply 8 years ago. The property’s name must be Version and the value must be a version number such as 1. Sign in or Join us it’s free. The property requested does not exist in the collection. The command is not available because document was opened in read-only mode.

I am trying to accomplish the same thing. United States – English.