Results 1 – 11 of 11 TOME 1. by DR S. CHIAPPALONE JOSEPH and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Joseph Chiappalone is medical doctor (GP) located in Australia, who says he was relayed critical insights and information while aboard an. Dr Joseph Chiappalone in Stanthorpe, QLD, Business contact details for Dr Joseph Chiappalone including phone number, reviews & map location.

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Same answer applies to you Bill. He created his work, not you. State your ideas and beliefs and then maybe you will have some credibility. I am not calling people liars, and charlatans either like you are, so please do not try to say I am no better.

In fact, true sociopaths are uncomfortable when they are telling the truth. Only late josephh, largely influenced by Christians, claim a subsequent day of celebration for Fhiappalone having been raised from the dead. Thats hogwash, i made the website for him and all earnings will go to him untouched, i support him cause its the right thing to do.

Why does the article not explain how they died any where? The matter was referred to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal after the woman made a complaint to joseeph Medical Board of Australia.

There is a big old ring of programmers hidden in plain sight operating in the alt media and that is the long and short of it. If ancient texts using the December 25th date that predate Christianity do not exist, then the myth is proven to be fictitious.

He was smart to use this as his tag line.

dr joseph chiappalone

Much like you though, none of them wanted to hear the truth. As for slander, if that article is slanderous, tell that handler of yours to sue the news outlet that published it before I did, if chiappalons has any success, he can come after me. They want us here to suffer so they can make use of us. No, born from myrrh tree.

  F28335 GPIO PDF

Which is more credible?

You feel you have the right to call him out, but tell people to STFU who you say is doing his bidding. December 20, at 2: By your words here we get a good idea where your heart is, and what your true intentions really are. A delusion is a belief held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary. The extant myth depicts Adonis being born from an incestuous union between Cinyras and his daughter Smyrna, who is turned into a myrrh tree from which Adonis is born.

Instead of taking a second source why not get it from the source itself. I find it odd when you say this:. When are you going to tell us where you get your divine truth from, or just make lame remarks like this. Predators like Dr Chiappalone use and take advantage of the vulnerable at every opportunity made available, in any way possible. Why do I care so much? I see his bedside manner is impeccable.

Chiappalone who repeatedly take advantage of weak, vunerable and naive people reprehensible though. Or that all emails is going to him, all that is true, i Made backup, He gave permission, and emails goes to him. So, it probably wont help you much, but it is available here. In the real world. Template Face, Dead Entity.

Joseph Chiappalone: UFOs and the End of the Ages

Your as creepy as he is. It is what you two bigots think it is. Even if there were other holidays on the same date, it does not mean that they were even aware of each other. Who btw mimic what I have written about here.


So if you fall in love, and want to have sex, so what. Also, why would a 55 year old woman want to have supposed oral sex with a 70 year old man she knew had ED, heart condition, and does not have a lot of money. This phrase ultimately gives him the ability to tell people that call him out and question him, to get bent, so that he can continue on with this deception with those who will listen.

Similar to the catholic church before people started to come out of the woodwork I guess. Joseph Chiappalone is a sociopath based on their experiences with him.

To gain more visitors, cause if more visitors, more ads shown, u get something, and vistors get all for nothing, win win.

Whn you get the whole picture, which I highly doubt that you will, feel free to share your findings. But question is Bill, do you really care at all?

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Jordan Maxwell allowed people to help him also, and they ripped off his work. There is no evidence for the existence of any mysteries of Adonis where a member of the cult was identified with Adonis or his fate.

You do NOT know with whom you are dealing. Continue with your work for Jesus by slandering people like Dr C without any proof beyond your hate, dhiappalone one newspaper story.

There should be some story on the internet about it, but cannot find it. Here is something to think about, Dr. What else you got? He said his site jchiappalone.