27 déc. Le diagramme de flux de données (DFD ou Data Flow Diagram) pour définir les données traversant un système et leurs traitements éventuels. Exercice Merise – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Construire le MCC (diagramme de flux), 2. Présenter le modèle. 25 oct. Figure I Découpage traditionnel des flux de matière et d’information dans la chaîne. Figure I La Figure III Diagramme de séquences – Optimisation des maillons de la chaîne. Figure III . MERISE .

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Thus, the inheritance relationship allows a class to reuse attributes and methods defined for a more general class. These categories can be represented by the concept of UML package.

Modélisation SysML

The location reference data deposits made to support an ordered course as defined, is based on an algorithm implementing the steps of: A method of reference data modeling an information system, characterized in that it is based on a UML modeling reference data of eiagramme information system listed in the application data fields of the information system, f,ux referential information system being defined by a specialized concept inheriting characteristics of a generic concept, said method comprising the steps of: The command, as the Business Park are referenced by a commercial catalog.

Also, in this context, any data of an IS can be interpreted as the implementation of a specialized concept UML class stereotype. The location method according to the present invention requires entry into a category diagram where all dependence relationships are aligned with the previously defined principles. It is precisely a strong principle of the invention to go against this prejudice by applying concepts from the UML notation for modeling reference data of an IS.

Forme de modélisation Merise

In other words, if the referential data containing the relationship between two referential data D1 and D2 is in the same field as the referential data D1, then the dependency relationship between the corresponding generic concepts, CG1 for D1 and CG2 for D2 is oriented towards CG1 CG2. A method according to claim 2 or 3, characterized in that a UML dependency relationship between a flow type category F or category type stock S1 and a coding type of category C is oriented category type flow meerise stock type to the coding type of category.

Among them, the Conceptual Data Model CDM or allows for a clear representation of the data of the IS and defines functional dependencies of data between them. The consequence for the planning of an IS is to describe, for existing IF, or set for a change of SI, which applications must provide data to other Mefise applications.

Thus, the definition of meaning to the dependency relationships between classes related to the repository concept based on the principle described above, allows to complete the figure category diagram of the 4 SI modeling data for the chart of Figure 5.


The specialization of a generic concept is then to be characteristic of the urbanism of an IS. With reference to Figures 2 to 5, a first embodiment of the invention is described using UML modeling data to describe the reference data of an existing SI and deposits.

From the principle described above, the definition of categories becomes one shown in Figure 3: The invention advantageously proposes to use a UML possibility for achieving homogeneous groupings of data. A type of coding category C1: According to one characteristic of the invention, the step of locating the reference data field associated with a category of designating the responsibility of any application is the reference data related to said category. In these dependency relationships with the category Command taken as the origin, the categories S1, S2 stock type, respectively Commercial Client and Customer Park as well as Category C type coding Commercial Catalog, are target groups.

Also, such a model may seem a priori inappropriate where we want to manipulate data, the functional approach is more intuitive in this case. The steps of the localization algorithm of locating the reference data deposit associated with a category is to actually designate the responsibility of what application is reference data dde to search.

dlagramme To locate data fields referential matching specialized concepts that belong to the same category, the method according to the invention proposes to effect an orderly course of diagram categories, starting with the flow type categories to categories type mwrise. A method according to Claim 6 taken in combination with Claim 2, characterized in that the ordered course of the diagram is made flow type categories to the coding type categories.

Thus, according to the invention, the orientation of relationships mreise the typing is defined as a UML dependency relationship between a flow type of category and a category type of stock is directed xe the type of category flow to the category of type of stock, and a UML dependency relationship between a flow type category or a category type stock and a coding type of category is diagrammme in the flow type category or type of stock to the coding type of category.

This notion of data offering by a customer to supplier obviously impacts the functional planning of the SI. For example, if one takes in the context of a company can define a generic command line entitled concept. This is a computer analysis method dedicated to the establishment of an IS. Specialization is a concept related to inheritance in UML notation. Modeling an IS IF involved in the design phase and is to create a virtual representation of the business processes of an organization as well as inventory and information flows illuminating these processes.

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In addition, SI, to remain efficient and improve its services, must necessarily grow at the pace of development of the organization and the evolution of its strategy. Indeed, if two reference data are related, this relationship has resulted in a UML dependency relationship between membership categories of the two generic concepts including specialized concepts corresponding to said reference data inherit. The reference data related to the Client are in a supplier’s customer management application, those related to the Commercial Customer Park are in specific control applications to technology and those related to the Customer Account are in a billing application.

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Finally, the category S1 is linked by a relationship of dependency codification type of category C1. Now the Conceptual Data Model derived from the Merise method does not represent homogeneous groupings of data or dependency relationships between these groupings useful representation of the repository concept. Engineered management system particularly suited for maintenance and repair M and R management of structure such as pavement.

UML is a modeling tool consisting of an object approach.

Modélisation SysML

Thus, using the example of Figure 6, a course of classes diagram could be ordered as follows: This can, in a first case, be specialized by segmenting customer market business, consumer or by technology products or services of the company’s commercial diagrmme analog, digital, Diagrammr location reference data fields to determine what data repository, that is to say, under the responsibility of any application, must be given referential.

This orientation between generic concepts refers immediate way between their categories of membership in the form of dependency relations oriented in the same direction. This coherence is defined by applying the principle that the reference data defined by the specialized concepts inheriting generic concepts of the same category and with the same specialization must belong to a data repository and a single application. A2 Designated state s: The invention thus relates to the field of software techniques.

Also, in view of the above, an object of the present invention to provide a method of data modeling of SI which overcomes the disadvantages of the aforementioned prior art, particularly that provides a mapping of repository notion of a dependency relationship between data and data themselves.

Indeed, each applying an IF which has in its repository, referential data must be able to offer client applications. The deposit reference data mmerise to the category F1 Command being the front office software package, due to the dependency relations guidance as shown in Figure 6, the deposit reference d related to the category C1 Commercial Catalog is that the software package front office.

Finally, the direction or orientation of a UML dependency relationship between categories also depends on the deposit of the referential data containing the relationship.