Front Cover Table of Contents Introduction Chapter 1: Half-breeds in your Campaign Chapter 2: Specific Half-Breeds Half-breeds at a Glance Aellar Alicorn. The d20 core rules let you play half-orcs and half-elves, but why stop there? Bastards & Bloodlines gives you nearly 30 new half-races to play. Bastards & Bloodlines: A Guidebook to Halfbreeds (Races of Renown) [Owen K. C. Races of Destiny (Dungeon & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying).

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Autarkic and Brood Champion are samples of these classes. Wexford, Ireland Posts The feats, spells and magic items specifically basatrds for half-breeds expand these possibilities further by allowing a player to revel in his choice rather than regret it. The time now is Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. One of the most interesting is the half titan. Each race starts off with name, parent races, size, common information, appearance, demeanor, background, adventurers, and ends with racial traits.

I honestly prefer toc that don’t look fancy that have hyperlinks, when shuffling for content in a large supplement its a lot faster to bloodoines click “home” on your keybord and then select what you want to read, and then click home again.

The text alludes to some of these sorts of possibilities and ad hoc examples of this sort exist in the races chapter, but it seems a major omission to me to not include these sorts of justifications in the general discussion of integrating halfbreeds into the campaign. Further discussion looks at the role of the half-breed in society and offers a dozen or so roleplaying archetypes e.


Although, I might change around which fey-related races get fey ancestry. I do find it annoying, however, that you presume to tell ME that MY weighting criteria are wrong and I am not entitled to them.

The highest level adjustment in the book is 7. As the brood champion advances, they gain bestial characteristics like improvements to natural weaponry and damage reduction.

Bastards and Bloodlines for D&D 3.0/3.5

Critical Hits Great art, great subject matter, crunchy bits, these are becoming a cornerstone of a Green Ronin product and something I come to expect from them.

I went over all of the races several times with the detect balance scale and tweaked them either to make them more in-line with the rest or changed some stuff around to make each one more unique.

Stephens gives these halfbreeds their own racial names. The spells are called blood spells, and each spell requires the caster to have the blood of a certain type of creature. Bastards and Bloodlines is a rare thing.

Bastards & Bloodlines

Don’t miss these posts. The first thing I noticed is that the best of each race is included. One example give is introducing a Half-Troll population into areas already well known to your players is probably not a good idea for continuity.


The Builder has problems with his unusual shape and decides to start making items or building for himself. Sorry to be nitpicky but I just wanted to mention that. Unlike Mongoose’s ‘Crossbreeding’, the rules given here are more nebulous and less helpful, leaving a lot to the GM’s judgement.

I might change around which half-fey races get fey ancestry though, stay tuned. This is an important success.

How does the actual book hold out in play though? Avoid using an excessively long or redundant title e.

D&D bastards and bloodline – [PDF Document]

A Deeper Look Bastards and Bloodlines is organized into four chapters. I just haven’t gotten around to making it into a pdf yet. Killer has the s&d to kill bred into him. Not necessarily a bad thing, but when the author does templates like half-titans, they get a CR rating and a Level Adjustment.

Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, bqstards, A4 version with a different TOC. Each one has information about its appearance, demeanor, background, adventures, and racial traits.

The introduction contains an intelligent discussion on the merits and flaws of having half-breeds in your campaign world.