There is no english version of this book. Language:Chinese,polish,Japan,French ,Viatnamese,Koriean You can Read it by translating in Look For In. Vendu à plus de 2 millions d exemplaires en Chine, traduit en japonais, en coréen et en polonais, le best-seller chinois de Hongbing Song, «Currency Wars ». Currency War-Upgrade Edition has 8 ratings and 0 reviews. In the process of global economic development, currency plays an important role. Inflation, def.

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December 2, 1: The book has achieved bestseller status in China. November 21, 8: Gracio marked it as to-read Dec 26, And this book actually sold overcopies.

Is China Really Killing Us? The document itself gives insight into the accumulated degeneracy of the elite of the world at present: I believe so, and maybe we have different perceptions on morality and ethics, but I hold firmly the conviction that there are always exceptions.

Refresh and try again. Nathan ordered his agents to sell tremendous amount of British stocks. Clearly, you can generate your own ideas, and are capable of defending your own ideas, in most cases, with both reason and rhyme.

The Zionist Occupation govt. Wa see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Ms Hodgson Brown covers the Rothschild history and much much more. If England loses the battle, the national bonds will be worthless. September 2, 7: I really like your post that summarises Currency Wars by Song and introduces this great book to English readers.


S for 14 years and spent over 20 years in China. If these books are one-sided, to show only the capitalist crimes of the Rothschilds, then it bodes ill for the future. Debate only means delay and forfeiture of our goals and purpose. The Rothschilds have a history of funding both sides in a war.

Seeing that the U. The Chinese economy is dependent on exports, which means the currency will flow back when goods are exported.

Currency Wars by Song Hongbing | Sang’s Economics Blog

The history of the United States is a history of the fight hogbing the banks and the people, and the banks have won — so far anyway. There are hundreds of books.

osng Furthermore, there are 20 or 30 big holding groups behind these institutions. August 15, 5: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. March 31, 1: The Security Council of the U. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Inflation, deflation and bubble affect our life more and more frequently, but the war of group’s interests behind the currency wasn’t known for a long time.

Regardless there are many Jews who are bad and will have to answer but at the same time most of our greatest champions against this are Jews who are loyal to their countries they did assimilate in to, Benjamin Friedman being a shining star. Policy on the Economy”. Since the s, there have been few opportunities for Chinese to gain experience in finance. Now, I feel that I am being stubborn in this subject.


La guerre des monnaies

November 11, Individual Rothschild will have a wealth of Currency Wars simplified Aar But I do think it is a good book, so good on you. Now, of course, the Jews cannot let go of our veins, arteries and bank accounts.

This is why I wrote the reconciliation of Germany and France in the book. After they have bought such things as stocks from people, the Rothschilds limited the supply of money.

Actually Chinese people seldom think about why the Asian economy is still distracted and contained by the U. According to the book, the western countries in general and the US in particular are controlled by a clique of international bankers, which use currency manipulation hence the title to gain wealth by first loaning money in USD to developing nations and then shorting their currency.

Also includes major section titled “Presidential Decree No. Several Chinese-American scholars also gave the first book negative reviews.