Charles C. Ankeney – The Breath Of Uploaded by Raymond .. Uploaded by. Raymond. Title, The Breath of Life. Author, Charles C. Ankeney. Edition, illustrated. Publisher, Applied Ozone Systems, ISBN, , The Breath of Life by Charles C. Ankeney. (Paperback ).

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Over municipalities around the world use ozone to purify their water resulting in pure healthy and pure water as opposed to non ozone systems that contain high chemical levels.

The History of Ozone | NESHealth

Finch begins using ozone in dentistry and liife it to German dentists. Simmons of the American Medical Association set out to discredit all medical systems that conflicted with drug therapy. Hansler patented an ozone generator. Lender is reported to have used ozone to purify blood Dr. Worldwide over 5 procedures have been monitored with side effects in only. No other person has ever received the Nobel Medicine prize twice. Therapeutic uses of ozone were dealt with.

Hansler found the Medical Ozone Society. Kenneth Wagner, while Dr. Carpendalee had found that ozone controlled diarrhea and may hinder the HIV virus.


AIDS, cancer and many viral conditions have been successfully treated. He sold ozone generators for medical use. Bob Beck devised a system in America utilizing ozone, electro-therapy, colloidal silver and pulsed magnetism. The authors were M. After more than years of usage many countries and states recognise ozone therapy, for instance: Blass and associates formed the Eastern Association for Oxygen Therapy. Ozone stops the HIV virus from vreath and leaves cells undamaged according to a report by Dr.

Wolf in Berlin during World War 1. Freibott was one of the first doctors to treat AIDS with ozone. Renate Viebahn constructed an overview of the operation of ozone in the body.

He also produced ozonated olive oil that he sold to naturopaths. Not only is Germany the centre for giant wnkeney companies, but also a centre for ozone therapy along with Russia and Cuba.

Wells, Latino, Galvachin and Poiesz carried out 15 replications of one study that interfaced ozone with HIV infected factor 8 blood. Turska pioneered injecting ozone into the portal vein, thus directly reaching the liver.

The History of Ozone

You are welcome to leave a comment Cancel reply. Kao, S Lee and F. Over the past 46 years Breathh has been a anekney country in the use of medical ozone, after Dr. Viebahn and has become an important document on the subject. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Over doctors use ozone therapy daily in Germany.


Otto Warburg Kaiser Institute, Berlin announces that the primary cause of cancer is low cellular oxygen levels. Externally it was used for Acne, burns, leg ulcers, open sores and wounds, Eczema and fungus.


Lacoste used ozone insufflation in France. This makes ozone one of the safest procedures known to man.

Noble Eberhart, head of the Loyola University wrote of treating anaemia, asthma, bronchitis, chlorosis, diabetes, gout, hay fever, insomnia, pneumonia, syphilis, tinnitus, tuberculosis and whooping cough. Here ozonated water is charlex to treat anaemia, cancer, canker sores, diabetes, influenza, morphine poisoning, strychnine poisoning and whooping cough.

Today more than municipalities around the world have followed their example.