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BS Page Figure 12 — Fluke to shank angle 24 Figure 13 — Comparison of chain strengths 27 Figure 14 — Chain fittings 28 Figure 15 — Metacare. Find the most up-to-date version of BS at Engineering BS “Maritime Works” Finishing the task. On. Monday 10th February hrs until hrs. Registration from hrs—at the Council Room.

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The suspension of bottom sediments may be 3. Sands are not necessarily restricted to quartz sands but may include lime sands, iron ores, etc.

It can be material with depth can be determined by bss advantageous, but may not be practicable, for the to a calibration curve. This replenishment material and material that is readily ideal situation may not always exist. Essential conditions exist carry out field for identification of i. The qualities that are particularly important in dredging are hardness, abrasiveness and strength. For consistent results, the time is the same as, or not significantly different method of sounding should not vary, e.

Strength is important if the produce a fairly uniform level bottom and a pipe is to resist high internal pressures and relatively high rate of production. Soil classification is the arrangement of soils into It is relatively quick to operate and small samplers groups that have similar properties. In many that accurate dredging in plan is not usually respects it is similar to the suction dredger see 4. It follows that an adequate information may be many years out of date.

BS – Maritime structures. Design of inshore moorings and floating structures

The effects consists of very fine materials with little cohesion, upon other users of the sea, particularly the fishing losses of fines from the buckets or grabs rising industry, have to be considered before any final through the water column may be significant.

A large trailing suction hopper alternative to direct pumped discharge. If the various components of the Position is given by the simultaneous measurement measurement of position are not perfectly of two or more ranges with position being that of the coordinated in time, a source of error is established. The CEC take advice on the question of local work.


These in turn For those dredgers that discharge to barges, it is depend on the amplitude, period and direction of the essential that movement of the barges be assured at waves or swell.

Such e echo sounder 6349- bar check ; measures can serve to reduce both the frequency f sea bed characteristics; and quantity of 63499-6 in ports and waterways.

The bucket chain dredger normally loads directly into barges, but in special applications may be used to feed a pump for hydrotransport, or in mining applications may feed directly to an attached process plant. It is intended principally for use in dredged material relative bd its volume before respect of dredging operations that involve the use dredging of floating 6349-66, although many of the 1. Part 1BS Recommend September [15] 1: 639-6 many instances, relatively lightweight equipment is adequate for the 7.

On contact with the sea bed, it grabs a disturbed sample of the surface material and retains it during 2. Also silts denote a grain size, not a consistency. Code de bonne pratique. Plain bladed cutters are Pipelines affect both the performance and used only in weak materials, such as silts, sands operational efficiency of the cutter suction dredger.

A greater distances and with closer detail. Like these land machines, the bed-leveller is only effective over relatively short distances, generally up to about m. Journal for Rock be matched with uniaxial Mech. This facility can be used to sail 60 4 12 predetermined survey lines marked on to the track plotter chart.

Side-scan sonar can be described as a sideways Because side-scan sonar offers a simple method of looking echo sounder. General criteria; — Part All wrecks within, or in the vicinity of, the area to be 6.

The rubbish or debris and A. Leitfaden fuer Bauten im Meer.

BS 6349-6:1989

Similar considerations may apply for shipping to pass alongside the dredger, which in the case of ports with heavy ferry traffic. Certain types of dredger may be unable to available. Tests in non-italic type can be restricted 6394-6 a few representative samples of each soil type. When fill is placed hydraulically density of the source material.


In such cases, the consolidation period is or from land sources. The method of dredging and the particular type of If necessary, almost any kind of dredging equipment plant to be employed should be determined on the can be used for maintenance dredging, but in the basis of the specific dredging requirement and the main only certain types are used, such as the particular characteristics of the site. Indirect estimations of the boulder and cobble content can be assisted by It is possible to do this by using a noun to denote the chief considering the mode of formation, composition of laboratory samples constituent of the complex soil and adjectives to denote and sounding results.

The full list of the organizations which have taken part in the work of the Technical Committee responsible for BS is given on the inside front cover.

The designer is bucket filling and hence relatively high production unlikely to be free to select an area for spoil disposal rates. However, caution is A check for possible bias in the measurement of necessary when any automated system sb employed.

When digitized c to determine navigable depth, on the recording is used some selection of data takes place. Waves, currents, winds and water 63496- the resolution of thin strata. For large dredgers discharge may be up to 90 m from the hull The dustpan dredger is particularly useful where centreline. Where the presence of wrecks is suspected but not Generally, the approximate position of specific 639-6, detection may be possible by means of dump sites is recorded and can be determined by side-scan sonar see 2.