Buy TÓPICOS IMPORTANTES EM BOVINOCULTURA DE CORTE (Portuguese Edition): Read Kindle Store Reviews – Gestão na Bovinocultura de Corte [Júlio Otávio Jardim Barcellos] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. O Objetivo central deste livro é trazer . 19 nov. Livro com tópicos de interesse na bovinocultura de corte.

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Relationships among forage aluminium levels, soil contamination on forages and availability of elements to dairy cows. Use of survival analysis as a tool for the genetic improvement of age at first conception in Nellore cattle.

Changes in availability of dietary copper to young lambs associated with age and weaning. Una nota sobre el consumo de sales minerales en bovinos de carne a pastoreo.

LIVRO Bases do melhoramento genético animal

Livestock Production Science, v. The mineral nutrition of livestock. Observations on the phosphorus requirements of cattle for growth, Res. Tracem elements metabolism in animals.

Livro Bovino de Corte 2015

Nutritional bovinoxultura to animal production from pastures. Soil plant ecossystems in hill country. Effects of elements bovinocultur than nitrogen on the nutritive value of forage. Supplemental feeding of beef cattle grazing pangola grass pastures on the intermediate savannahs of Gyuana.

Umptake, depletion anel alleviation of fluorine in bones of cattle and sheep. Performence of beef cattle on native and sown pasture at Katherine N. The selection and breeding of plants adapted to Iow fertility and toxic soils. Archivos de Medicina Veterinaria Impresa.

  B116XW03 V 2 PDF

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London, Plenum Press, Tlm effect of cooper and or molybdenum on selenium availability in sheep lof selenium via salt mineral mixtures and the effect of vrious components of mineral mixes on their intake. Studies in mineral metabolism. Nutrition of ruminants in the tropics. Fatty acid profile of adipose tissue and performance of feedlot steers supplemented with dehulled cottonseed and sunflower seed meal protected from ruminal metabolism.

Butylsoyamide increases unsaturation of fatty acids in plasma and milk of lactating dairy cows. First Course in Populatin Genetics. Journal of Animal Science, v. dd

bovinpcultura University of Florida, Gainsville, A review of the practice of feeding minerals free choice. Mineral relationship in sheep and goats maintained on orchard grass fertilized with different levels of nitrogen, wilh microelements over a five year period.

Effects of body com- position, liveo and postpartum energy level and early weaning on reproductive performance of beef cows and preweaning calf gain.


Responses of beef calves to mineral supplement in Central Thai Villages. Journal of Animal Science Salt and meal bovincoultura help distribute cattle use on semi- desert range. Nutrients and toxics substances in water for livestok and poultry.

Effect of organic anions on phosphate precipitation by iron and aluminum as influenced by pH. Mineral defficiencies, inbalances and diagnosis. Genetic relationship between growth and reproductive traits in Nellore cattle.

Animal Feed Science and Technol.


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Sodium requirements of fam livestock. Gastrointestinal sites of absorption and endogenous secretion of c in dairy cattle. Some observations on feeding salt to steers grazing native pasture in North Queensland. Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics.