This presentation has unquestionably achieved legendary status. It is an effect so impossible that it has had the best brains in magic scratching. From what I’ve read, Berglas perfomed the trick for other magicians who were stunned. The man performing the trick is Berglas’s best friend. The big hardcover book that reveals the innermost secrets of the card miracles performed by the legendary David Berglas for 60 years, written by magic’s most.

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They are not a stooge and can freely choose any one of the 52 cards, no restrictions. Jun 5, Messages: As a fan of Jazz music, this is a very similar verglas based off improvisational techniques. They can be loaded under ashtrays or into spectators’ pockets, way ahead of their moment in the spotlight. David Berglas is the father of Marvin Berglas of Marvin’s Magicthe world’s largest supplier of beerglas magic sets. Berglas himself, if he chooses to teach you.

Aug 16, Is a really small chance, right? It also depends on how you feel and whether you want to do a little hard work.

Berglas Effect Revealed

Berlas everything else in-between has to be strong too—in the eyes of the audience they should all be miracles—but the first and last revelations need to be stand-out items.

His entire career is replete with bombast and hauteur.

The handling appears natural and in the overall scheme of things, the card ends up at the right number and that is what matters. He stops the deal after the seventh card, reminds the spectators how extraordinary it would be if the eighth card was indeed an Eight, effecg Eight of Clubs, and then has it turned over.


Aug 15, 7. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Even the beginner can estimate bergla position of any card in a set-up within six or seven cards. As previously stated if you buy the book to learn the effect you will be disappointed, however if you buy the book berlgas perform some of the cleanest card magic you could imagine then you will get more than you moneys worth.

I wish I had the energy to describe the method.

David Berglas

See a site map. I will always have fond memories of Genii Magazine. FlexGunshipAug 15, If anyone can answer one of my questions, it is equivalent to prove me wrong.

It may be a card that is difficult to reach or in a very “uninteresting” position in the pack, so he will have two more cards named to give himself more options. A set-up pack also makes it unnecessary for David to secretly count cards if he needs to cut a batch of cards, say, from the bottom to the top.

Most of the other forums discussing this topic eventually ended up with warfare, and the moderator deleting the thread and banning a couple of the folks, inadvertantly those who were giving logical arguments versus the absolute unquestioned adherence to the notion that this effect is nothing but supernatural.

Magic Tricks

After they randomly pick a card, turn the deck don’t flip it, rotate! His studies of the art of practical as distinguished from mystical magic, and in some respects, psychology, ought to be well considered in the investigation of his technique. And what was the number you wanted? So when “bottom” is chosen it is best if the pack is turned over and the cards dealt face up. Incidentally in David’s radio shows he used a more reliable method of persuading the volunteer to choose the number seven.


Many of you may start to question my theory, let me explain: Most people seem to interpret “Give me a number,” as meaning between one and ten and it is rarely necessary to actually spell out the parameters. This has great advantages over all the other methods, mainly that the cards are ONLY handled by the same spectator who thinks of the number…. Later on the tape, David performed the effect for Martin Breese who on naming the Jack of Clubs and calling for the number nineteen was amazed to find the card at that very number.

You are doing the correct thing in not replying to their insults and talking only about the merits of your argument which sounds perfectly fine to me.

The card effects happen with the men on the stage and me off the stage. And yet that is exactly what he does.

The possibilities are endless. This puts a slight downward bend in the cards. Now it may be tenth from the top or the bottom.

Berglas Effect | theory11 forums

An obvious use of the technique in conjunction with a set-up pack is to cut a named card to the top. This is one of the best-kept secrets of The Berglas Effect. Imagine that the named card is the twelfth card down from the bridge and that twelve is indeed the number that has begglas called.

Then he selcctcd a number.