Alessa is just seven years old when her uncle rapes her for the first time. As the years pass, his sexual appetite becomes more voracious and his perversion. BELIEVE LIKE A CHILD. When Smiles Fade. AVAILABLE ON: Amazon US banner- final. Amazon UK banner – final. Read A Sample. A. lessa is just seven years. Born and raised in Plymouth Meeting, a small town west of Philadelphia, PA, Paige Dearth was a victim of child rape and spent her early years.

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Oh, and I did find people to love along the way…and, I would do anything to protect them. As for doing research to supplement my ideas and concepts, I often find this through reading books, watching TV and documentaries and yes, some internet search.

Jersey Girl Book Reviews: Believe Like A Child by Paige Dearth

There are much better books out there with similar subject matters that follow the triumphs of people who have been dealt bleieve terrible card in life! I wake up at 4: I have read some other reviews about how dark this book is.

This is a book that, due to the subject matter and story, will haunt and disturb you. It was not an accurate portrayal of a victim of assault. The introduction was brutal and stomach turning and the rest of the story meandered down a fantastical path into the absurd. Some may say why write about such controversial and difficult subjects. I just finished this book and honestly, felt let down. I don’t chiod know if that was her intention but it certainly felt that way to me.


This is what it is to be in the life the characters in this book beliefe themselves in. Paige has written several novels, all dealing with important issues. Note taken from letter from Paige Dearth The writing so shocking and intimate that even if it had been elementary; tied down by grammatical errors and sloppy structure; it would have cuild by completely unnoticed.

There is no magic or special knowledge that any writer possesses. I was a fan after I read the first book. He would spend more time with Alessa than with her other siblings, and he would spoil her with gifts, love, and affection.

The only way you drarth a book is to sit your ass down and write.

Lucy was sent to a nearby restaurant and the gang raped and beat Alessa so bad she had broken arms lije legs. I’ve entered to win it through Goodreads giveaways every chance it becomes available and was even starting to consider purchasing it through Amazon, boy am I glad I was finally able to get it through my library!


All the characters created in believve book are well defined, each having there own traits which not only defines them but gives them that place in the story. If someone told me about the things that Alessa had done, I would’ve hated her.

Paige Dearth – Writing Real Life Horror

But what a novel it is. Alessa is dealt a crappy hand from the moment she entered the world. Before I read this book, I thought of people differently. There are so many tough situations out there that we try not the think of. Trivia About Believe Like a Child.

Then, one horrible day, her parents died, and she was put into the foster care system. As Deartth Franklin said: View all 3 comments.

I decided then and there that this story needed a wider audience, as its message is very important. She needs to be charged with accessory to This story sent shudders thru me! The descriptions of abuse and life on the street is graphically explicit, gritty and realistic.

Until we really face this problem head on, instead of pretending it isn’t happening e.