Classic Battletech: Technical Readout: (FAS) [Clare W. Hess, Dale L. Kemper, Jim Long, Blaine Lee Pardoe, Boy F., Jr. Petersen] on Technical Readout /Battletech: The Return of Kerensky [J. Andrew Keith, Jim Musser] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Details all the . BattleTech Technical Readout: Upgrade,. Classic BattleTech, BattleTech, ‘ Mech, BattleMech,. MechWarrior and WK Games logo are registered trademarks .

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Instead, they have honed their weapons to a keener edge since their departure, and the objective of these warrior clans is nothing less than domination of the Inner Sphere! Lkasparaitis rated it liked it Oct 24, The rules were extensive and, when using tecnnical optional rules, bordered on obsessive minutia but being a dysfunctional obsessive compulsive, I found learning them a delight.

On Tukayyid the Com Guards brought the seemingly unstoppable Clan war machine to a halt. I met the group of friends that are still among my best friends via Battletech.

With their OmniMechs and superior technology, they proved almost unstoppable until their defeat at Tukayyid and subsequent 15 year truce. Though we only got through a few sessions, it readkut send me on a month-long nostalgic binge re-reading the books and re-living a hundred battles fought in Middle and High School.

From cargo trucks to tanker airships, airborne MASH to communications satellites, armored transport rails to coastal patrol boats, hauler exoskeletons to AgroMechs, even hover and wheeled police cruisers or civilian vehicles conscripted to the military: Allen rated it liked it May 14, With the end of the Jihad, the survivors are 305 their shattered armies, introducing new machines to replace those whose factories ceased to exist in the fires of the Jihad.

Larry Kenney rated it liked it Jan 17, 3005 volume is an invaluable aid to anyone interested in battlefield technology.

  LEY 23277 PDF

The two-year final push to Terra was the bloodiest fighting seen in centuries. Vehicles and Personal Equipment “Technical Readout Vehicles and Personal Equipment describes the common, and not so common, pieces of military equipment used by the armed forces of the Inner Sphere.

Technical Readout: 3050 Revised

No trivia or quizzes yet. Then, one day, one of my only friends introduced me to these guys who stayed in all lunch, hunched at the end of a cafeteria table as though using their bodies as a wall to protect the bubble of fantasy that they were collectively creating.

Toby rated it really liked it May 31, If you like books and love to build cool products, we may be looking for you. Featuring new technologies found in Era Report: Camo Specs Online is the official source for the camo specs of the BattleTech universe. The technical handout books not only contained dozens of mechs and vehicles, but each had its own history and backstory, as well as little personalized traits and quirks that had no effect on the game but made it all feel real, like commentary on how cramped the cockpits were for larger pilots or how awkwardly the control yokes were placed.

Each entry below showcases a sample of miniatures depicting units found in a given Technical Readout specifically some of those found in each free preview PDFpainted Camo Specs style.

Technical Readout /Battletech: The Return of Kerensky by Andrew Keith

Phil rated it liked it Mar 24, readoit Vehicle Annex provides a never-before-seen look at the support vehicles behind the militaries of every faction, 33050 well as a slice of daily life in the BattleTech universe. Ten years later, these designs have moved from novelty to workhorse, as the Inner Sphere once more finds itself at war! This is a compilation volume. Corcoran rated it it was amazing May 21, In each Technical Readout entry below, links are provided that take you directly to the page where the MUL has already been sorted for just those units found in the book in question.


Battletech Technical Readout: 3050 Upgrade

BattleSpace rules clarifications and record sheets are also included. Armed with advanced technologies of a long-dead age, the warlike invaders unleashed a devastating blitzkrieg, capturing world after world until a total Clan victory seemed certain.

Desperate for any edge, the Great Houses, Clans, and Periphery states of battlteech Inner Sphere have unleashed a flood of new war machines, rushing them into battle on every front. A “minus” sign indicates the opposite.

Battletech Technical Readout Revised – Pages | eBay

Sell us your stuff? John somers rated it liked it Sep 20, However, the discovery of the Helm Memory Core started to unlock such sought-after secrets, with new BattleMechs and experimental technologies emerging for the first time in centuries.

technifal Jason Arnold rated it it was amazing Jun 27, Kavinay rated it really liked it Jan 07, The entries in this book are reprinted from Technical Readout: Board games in this condition may be played but show little to no wear.

In the years that followed, the Inner Sphere’s Successor States battled for supremacy, waging terrible wars that claimed millions of lives and crippled their technological knowledge and manufacturing capabilities. In most cases, boxed games and box sets do not come with dice. Now the heirs to Kerensky’s warrior spirit are battletevh, and they have suffered no loss of military technology.

J Wormald rated it it was amazing Jan 25, As war once more rages across the Inner Sphere, new equipment strides batyletech ancient battlefields.