Order AudioQuest Rocket 88 Bi-Wire Speaker Cable – Factory Terminated, From Only £ Lifetime Warranty, NEXT DAY DELIVERY. Audioquest Rocket 88 Speaker Cables. Top of the Rocket series, Rocket 88 offers a combination of power and finesse. DBS enabled with AudioQuest’s best. FREE 2-day Shipping: Let your speakers sing! AudioQuests Rocket 88 speaker cables are designed to help high-performance audio systems sound.

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Rocket 88 · Rocket Series · Speaker Cables · Cables · AudioQuest

Detail need not necessarily be presented in a forward manner. We are not responsible for typographical or illustrative errors. Even cold from the box, all the AudioQuest cables simply refused to sound harsh or shrill. Castle Rock is the entry level cable in its series. Sound appears from a surprisingly black background with unexpected detail and dynamic contrast. Midrange was even more tangible, most noticeable with piano which was way more real than with the GO So please mention to our staff that you’ve seen them online.

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AudioQuest Rocket 88 – Audio Trends

We’re here to help you get it right” – Simon. It also seems to be less spacious, but the cable does offer plenty of detail throughout the frequency spectrum. In that respect I was investigating the dearer models in the sames series of the Castle Rock: But as more often happens, the devil is in the details, and as it would turn out the Castle Rock really is in another league compared to the 2 cables listened to before it.

We are also closed on the following days: In any event the biggest difference was in the amplifier warming up during the first hour. It depends on the geometry, material mix and plating. Amplifier used was a Devialetwhich is handy because it is a streaming endpoint, DAC, preamp and power amp all in one.

Note that I reviewed two versions Ricable, one smoother and the other more precise. I did not have the two in house at the same time so could not make direct comparisons, but I have a feeling that the Hi End is a little extra smooth and the Supreme is a little more accurate. Silver-plated copper banana plugs – series Jacket: I think it is best described as a lack of free-flowing music, the inability to really reach out lyrically and sing.


Lastly, I mentioned in the Rocket 88 alinea how the cable made me feel like the Devialet had attained part of the Accuphase E bass, and luckily this also goes for the Castle Rock. Soundstage is definitely wider than with the Rocket 88, and contrary to the latter, the Castle Rock easily fills the room with an enveloping sound aura and music flows freely from the speakers.

The GO-4 uses solid core conductors, and true to earlier experiences, this translates into a solid, upbeat bass and a lifelike midrange.

Would the Ricable Supreme speaker cable be a good candidate? Even though radially symmetrical conductors solid or tubular have the fewest discontinuities, any conductor of a particular size does have a sonic signature. Thank you for your feedback. Previous Wadia CD player. Your comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

AudioQuest GO4, Rocket 88 & Castle Rock Speaker Cables

Like the Rocket 88, the Castle Rock provides rock-solid, deep and audioquets bass. The latter can sound more detailed and open but copper tends to sound warmer and more colourful. However, even when those variables are kept in a reasonable balance, the relationship between conductors can be varied in ways that greatly affect the sound. Here I was thinking that the GO-4 could be my next default go-to cable for this setup.

I have heard many cables in this price range and well above, and I can honestly roccket that the GO-4 would not only be the perfect level-up cable to start with, it is so good that there is no hankering for more, unless one starts comparing cables directly. Ik was al langer aan het nadenken over een nieuwe speakerkabel en op basis van jouw positieve geluiden over de Castle Rock heb ik een demo daarvan aangevraagd.

SST is a method of reducing the awareness of these character audioquext by using a precise combination of different sized conductors. In other words, there are also cables that are highly detailed rockst without being hard in the midrange.


Pure copper vs pure silver is not a clear cut case. Roosendaal, The Netherlands Telephone: The CR is a very detailed and articulate sounding cable that avoids the tonal blandness that often occurs with very detailed tocket cables.

Stay In The Know. This is of course not Rocket science.

AudioQuest Rocket 88

The DBS battery packs will last for years. Any single size or shape of conductor has a specific distortion profile. The four different SST-determined conductor sizes used in Rocket 88 cables allow an exceptionally clear, clean and dynamic sound.

The Castle Rock was provided with silver plated connectors. A small battery pack attached to the cable produces a constant volt charge, which maintains optimum bias level, giving you clear, expressive sound from your system every time you turn it on.

Rocket 88 cables feature banana plugs fastened by cold welding — a process that uses extremely high pressure to create solid secure connections that minimise signal loss.

Overview One of the most important ingredients in a high-quality cable is the metal used for the signal conductors. After having had the cable in my system for a longer time however I also find that it can be a little too powerful in the midrange, at least in the context of some systems.

The company’s goal is to transfer signals as faithfully as possible, and it’s reflected in their motto: Lastly timbre was spot on: All insulation slows down the signal on the conductor inside.

The vdH however has more open treble and sounds more fluid and airy, and has lighter, less solid bass.

AudioQuest’s Rocket 88 speaker cables are designed audioquext help high-performance audio systems sound their very best. In order to be sure of this effect, I repeated tests with several friends and with a length of time in between sessions.

By contrast, solder tends to impede the signal, and heating the copper can negatively affect its conductivity. Prices, specifications, and images are subject to change without notice.