View and Download ASUS A7V8X-MX user manual online. A7V8X-MX Motherboard pdf manual download. Asus motherboard a7v user guide (76 pages). Motherboard Asus A7V8X-MX SE Troubleshooting Manual. Motherboard diy troubleshooting guide (64 pages). A7v8x-mx, Quick start guide • Read online or download PDF • Asus A7V8X-MX User Manual.

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If possible, disconnect all power cables from the existing system before you add a device. If you installed a non-PnP OS or if you want to prevent reassigning of interrupt settings, keep the default setting [No]. Conventions Used In This Guide 1. Before you install the motherboard, learn about its major components and available features to facilitate the installation and future upgrades. The CPU should drop easily into place.

AMD processors offer gigahertz speeds to support all the latest computing platforms and applications. After you select this option, a confirmation window appears.

A7v8x-mx specifications summary | Asus A7V8X-MX User Manual | Page 7 / 64

Refer to this indicator while orienting the CPU. This onboard LED lights up if there is a standby power on the motherboard. Normally, the system determines the rate automatically by default.

Precomp This field displays the precompressed volumes on the hard disk, if any, in MB. If this happens, call the ASUS service center for support. Table Of Contents About this guide In case of a boot failure, you will hear the specific cause of a7v8xmx problem. The LED a7v8s-mx up when you turn on the system power, and blinks when the system is in sleep mode. Index Index This part contains an alphabetical list of the topics found in this document.


ASUS A7V8X-MX manuals

a7v8x-kx Refer to the succeeding pages for the component descriptions. Regardless of the setting, holding the ATX switch for more than 4 seconds powers off the system. A fan and heatsink should be attached to the CPU to prevent overheating.

In a 6-channel mode, this jack functions as Rear Speaker Out. Lack of sufficient air flow within the system may damage the motherboard components. Page 39 Halt On [All, But Keyboard] This field sets the system to halt on errors according to the system functions specified in each option. If your processor frequency multiple is locked, you cannot change the setting of this item.

Visit the ASUS website for updates. Product warranty or service will not be extended if: Do not place the product in any area where it may become wet.

Operation is subject to the following two conditions: If you did, the Supervisor password is required to enter the BIOS Setup program and to gain full access to the configuration fields. Page 67 BIOS revision will solve your problems. General Help While moving around through the Setup program, note that explanations appear in the Item Specific Help window located to the right of each menu.


If automatic detection fails, this may be because the hard disk drive is too old or too new. The following sub-sections describe the slots and the expansion cards that they support. MAIN Use this menu to make changes to the basic system configuration. The following sub-sections describe the slots and the expansion cards that they support.

Product warranty or service will not be extended if: Install the software from the software menu in the support CD.

Powering off the computer You must first asuw the operating system and shut down the system before switching off the power. When this item is enabled, the Date and Resume Time fields are activated for manual setup.

ASUS A7V8X-MX manuals

Remove the DIMM from the socket. The password is now set to [Set]. This LED acts as a reminder to turn off the system power before plugging or unplugging devices.