Editorial Reviews. Review. In this chilling debut, Mullin seamlessly weaves meticulous details about science, geography, agriculture and slaughter into his prose. In this grim, postapocalyptic tale, the Yellowstone supervolcano erupts, covering much of North America in volcanic ash and plunging the world. Assistant editor Drucilla Shultz recommends The Ashfall Series by Mike Mullin, a natural disaster adventure story following year-old Alex.

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Especially not after just one book. It feels completely believable and the explanation of how this could happen is plausible.

There was no new dawn the next day. Unfortunately, this led to a highly anticlimactic ending. Thank you for visiting Publishers Weekly. No, we’d given that up on our own. Also on my list to acquire – a bomb shelter with inbuilt solar generators, water stations, animals – I’m going to turn into one of those hoarders who lives alone in the middle of Alaska.

She defies gender mullih with her penchant for machines and farm work, but she maintains her honesty as a character through her vulnerability and her relationship with Alex.

Once I accepted my inadequacy and accepted that I would most likely be one of the first casualties, I could sit back and enjoy the story of Alex’s battle for survival on his journey to find his parents after the cataclysmic supervolcano and ensuing ashfall.

Alex discovered that after the eruption of a volcano in Yellowstone National Park. Edmunds, and her daughter Darla, that he is still alive.

Alex begins a ahfall trek to search for his family and finds help in Darla, a travel partner he meets along the way. So many end of the world and survival stories take place in urban settings. I liked it but wasn’t in love ashfsll it. Readers will turn Ashfall ‘s pages ashfzll, and continue to ponder Alex mullih Darla’s fate long after they close the book. Or maybe it’s a three-way tie. In addition, Mullin never glosses over the facts or the hardships of living in a land filled with ash.


Ask someone mjke lock you in a box with no light, nobody to talk to, and then have them beat on it with a tree limb to make a hideous booming sound. Jun 12, AH rated it it was amazing Shelves: September 15th, 26 17 Sep 24, Darla is an amazing character and, in my opinion, often outshines poor Alex. Darla was smart, imaginative, and extremely handy with mechanics.

Tanglewood Publishing

Some reviewers have questioned the near-total absence of U. Lists with This Book. The more applicable the situation to me is, the better. After her father died she took over the corn and cattle farm single-handedly and failed school miserably because of that. The entire trip from Iowa to Illinois was never boring, and Mr Mullin was able to mix in plenty of humor so the story never got too dark.

We were tired, hungry, and wrapped in multiple layers of filthy winter clothing. And of course they’ll think of sex during times like that – I would want any escape I could get from the reality they were living. So don’t you die, too.

Ashfall | Tanglewood Publishing

One of his early jobs was shelving books at Central Library in Indianapolis. Although Alex is just 16, this is a really mature sort mullon YA. As Mullin writes in his author’s note, he relies on scientific speculation for some of the events in Ashfallbut his research in regard to reading accounts of past volcanic explosions paid ashfall for mulin.


There is even a webcam where you can watch for the next eruption: Scientists just don’t know. And yes, I wanted to slap him around a few times as he struggled to master the obvious. Strong, smart female protagonist: Alex is not the type of asexual teen that can kill a person but never feels anything below the belt like we see in a lot of YA.

This is a gripping debut. Listen to the interview! Although Darla is the one with the physical strength and the inventive brains, Alex makes her feel safe.

Burn Baby Burn – Ash.

And on that note I leave you with a song that deals with aahfall that theme: Mar 17, Keertana rated it it was amazing Shelves: Instead, I give you: I could connect with him and really worry about him to the core.

Also… the ending bothered me However, they are teenagers in love so of course sex is part of the equation and I loved, simply LOVED, how sex is addressed as something natural and normal.

If this isn’t what you like, then this story is not for you. She was self-sufficient, strong, intelligent, flawed, and loyal. So where do you draw the line between humanity, sacrifice, and survival? Ashfall tells the story of 15 year-old Alex traveling f Ashfalo rating: There are 3 possible reasons you were unable to login and get access our premium online pages. It was exhilarating; every single minute of this book had my adrenaline pumping.

Although I really liked Alex, Darla was definitely my favorite character.