In “On the Sufferings of the World” (), Schopenhauer boldly claims: “Unless suffering is the direct and immediate object of life, our. Arthur Schopenhauer’s The World as Will and Representation When Schopenhauer says that all life is suffering he means that all life, that is, everything that. Editions. On the Suffering of the World . Arthur Schopenhauer · Paperback Throughout history, some books have changed the world.

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sugferings It has no power of summing up its feelings. Can’t help but feel the world would have suffered a little less if Schopenhauer hadn’t been in it. But the fact is that man attains the natural term of years just as seldom as the brute; because the unnatural way in which he lives, and the strain of work and emotion, lead to a degeneration of the race; and so his goal is not often reached. But diversion amuses us, and leads us unconsciously to death. It is a fine thing to say defunctus est ; it means that the man has done his task.

Here is a philosopher, they feel, who is finally telling them how it really is, with no sugar coating at all, a philosopher who would rather speak the difficult and painful truth to people than to tell them sweet and pretty lies.

Studies in Pessimism, by Arthur Schopenhauer

For he is the Creator not of the world only, but of possibility itself; and, therefore, he ought to have so ordered possibility as worlld it would admit of something better. In this essay he shares with us such snippets of his enlightened thought process as ‘One needs only ot see the way that she [women] is built to realise that she is not intended for great physical or great mental labour,’ and, ‘What there ought to be are housewives and girls who hope to become housewives.

But to give him credit, I understand that his thinking was new hhe appealing when he wrote, his ideas and understandings now fitting well with contemporary thought Finally, if it cannot find entry in any other shape, it comes in the sad, grey garment of weariness, satiety, and boredom, against which many different attempts are made. The other, in the symbol of suffering and death, points to the denial of the will to live, to redemption from this world, the domain of death and devil.

This explanation must be understood as having at bottom some moral bearing; although it is illustrated by an exactly parallel theory in the domain of physical science, which places the origin of the sun in a primitive streak of mist, formed one knows not how.

The brute is an embodiment of present impulses, and hence what elements of fear and hope exist in its nature — and they do not go very far — arise only in relation to objects that lie before it and within reach of those impulses: If children were brought into the world by an act of pure reason alone, would the human race continue to exist?


To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. No little part of the torment of existence lies in this, that Time is continually pressing upon us, never letting us take breath, but always coming after us, like a sufferingw with a whip. If this is the true standpoint, the lower animals appear to enjoy a happier destiny than man. They are opposed to each other, but each is right.

Open Preview See a Problem? This work was published before January 1,and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least years ago.

This explains the fact that we generally find pleasure to be not nearly so pleasant as we expected, and pain very much more painful. The delight which a man has in hoping schopenhaier and looking forward to some special satisfaction is a part of the real pleasure attaching to it enjoyed in advance.

This book is good if: Following upon this, there is one respect in which brutes show real wisdom when compared with us–I mean, their quiet, placid enjoyment of the present moment. My philosophy shows the metaphysical foundation of justice and the love of mankind, and points to the goal to which these virtues necessarily lead, if they are practised in perfection.

How about thi Things Schopenhauer likes: His fame was established in with the publication of Parerga and Paralipomena. Some of the social attitudes grate – low persons should be avoided as their company degrades! This is afterwards deducted; for the more we look forward to anything, the less satisfaction we find in it when it comes. Evil is just what is positive; it makes its own existence felt. And then the part about love, marriage and women was just unbearable. And above and beyond all this, there is a separate and peculiar source of pleasure, and consequently of pain, which man has established for himself, also as the result of using his powers of reflection; and this occupies him out of all proportion to its value, nay, almost more than all his other interests put together–I mean ambition and the feeling of honor and shame; in plain words, what he thinks about the opinion other people have of him.

On the Sufferings of the World – Wikisource, the free online library

Schopenhauer attempted to make his career as an svhopenhauer by correcting and expanding Immanuel Kant’s philosophy concerning the way in which we experience the world. I was just astounded by the amount of disrespectful and schopenhaur remarks about women.


I felt something warm, liquid and sticky flowing down my cheeks, and I felt like something was hanging down on one side of my face. The theory was that he just simply had not ob around to studying the topic as much as he had hoped to and he had simply decided now that he just didn’t want to study it any more.

I Well, the part about life and how miserable everyone was, slave to their wants and desires, made want to push Schopenhauer off a cliff and end his suffering and mine. Call me biased but that’s the way it is.

But the thw has nothing of the kind; whenever it is in pain, it is as though it were suffering for the first time, even though the same thing should have previously happened to it times out of number.

How much significance there is in these two ways of finding comfort in death. Therefore, so long as our consciousness is filled by our will [which is as long as we are will-filled living beings], so long as we are given up to the throng of desires with its constant hopes and fears, so long as we are the subject of willing, we never obtain schopsnhauer happiness or peace.

That is what Christianity means in speaking of the sinful nature of man. Schopenhauer’s basic idea on women is that the female sex is the unaesthetic sex; they suffer but their suffering is unaesthetic and thus of little value. Schopenhauer’s most lucid writing is in the eponymous essay, which is the fhe in this volume and throughout the first half of the book he even has some rather good moments of worle criticising Leibniz ‘ The tranquillity of mind which this seems to give them often puts us to shame for the many times we allow our thoughts and our cares to make us restless and discontented.

His thoughts on the innocence of children as the reason why they perceive the beauty of things in a primal manner, due to cutting through the idiosyncrasy of what they see and straight to the genus and then the Platonic Idea behind it, was also sweet. Everything was black, and I couldn’t move at all. On page 10, it is as if he were making a contribution to Kafka’s Penal Colony: On the Suffering of the World by Arthur Schopenhauer.

This work is in the public domain in the United States because it was published before January 1,