Anviz OA – biometric indentification and access control. ·OA is the fingerprint time attendance and access control system designed for ·Anviz optical fingerprint sensor, scratch-proof, unbreakable and durable. OA is the fingerprint time attendance and access control system designed Anviz optical fingerprint sensor, scratch-proof, unbreakable and durable.

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MarketKonekt | Anviz OA

OA, with world cutting edge technologies—fingerprint recognition, computer communication, as well as microelectronics, is considered to be combination of three technologies: Our award winning technical support team is only a phone call away.

Choose terminals need to be set monitor. Attendance Report Print Report: Some operation information displays in the main interface as follows: The Bio-Office intuitive, easy to use interface will dramatically reduce the number of hours required to process employee time and attendance and automatically calculate total worked hours including overtime, vacation, sick days and holidays.

Actual Status, on duty and off duty.

The time period can be Checking and calculation of transaction records is incorrect. If the number after the minimum unit is qnviz to or over 0.

Input the database name or click the button to oa2880 the correct database file. Press the finger twice on the scanner and the voice prompt will come along. Low fingerprint quality with callus or peeling Enroll other fingers with better quality 6.


Anviz Bio-office Oa280-wall Mount Fingerprint Employee Timeclock & Attendance SY

Biometric fingerprint authentication is the most accurate way to collect employee time and attendance information. Please note there should be no blank left. For instance, enter ID: E-commerce powered by MonsterCommerce shopping cart. Right-click o280 staff list and the following window pops: We can manually modify the record as stated above to assure the veracity of the report according to the practical situation. Connecting Time Attendance terminal 6. At this time, either password or fingerprint can be enrolled.

Every item should be setup in timetables with no blank left.

Anviz OA280

One message box pops up as follows: When the following mistake appears, you should link database again: Influence by fingerprint image change Enroll fingerprint again.

The Bio-Office Employee Time and Attendance system is very easy to install, the quick do-it-yourself instruction guides you through configuring the software to reflect your timekeeping and payroll policies. The original time attendance records can also anvjz kept in the units.

Please read this user manual carefully to have an initial understanding of functions and anvkz knowledge of installation, debugging, maintenance, application and management to better use this product. First, setup necessary timetables.


You can install camera to take pictures and edit then save. Anviz Biometric OA is ideal for a wide range of industries where hourly and salaried employee time is tracked, including: Too dry finger Touch the forehead to increase oily level of the finger.

Define the fields displayed. It is the same with Clock-out time. Import and transfer staffer. You simply connect the Anviz Biometric Wi-Fi Bridge to the OA Time Clock and you can control the time clock wirelessly and connect it to any Wi-Fi router or Wi-Fi computer to download employee records and manage settings on the time clock.

Fingerprint not enrolled yet Place enrolled finger. If reactivate real-time function, the info will be totally cleared, but the attendance records in the list will not be cleared. Please refer to the following steps: Disconnect the connection 2. And then try to enter the correct password. Add up the total time and then round according to corresponding unit. After the allocation of the shift, the arranged working date and time can be seen clearly for each staffer.