A remarkable account of the amazing life story of the man who inspired the film Hotel Rwanda Readers who were moved and horrified by Hotel Rwanda. The man made famous by Hotel Rwanda offers a compelling and horrifying account of the genocide in An Ordinary Man, says Simon. David Smith on An Ordinary Man: The True Story Behind Hotel Rwanda.

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True peace continues to elude Rwanda, whose new government again seems to enter a path of cronyism and corruption, evils which preceded the genocide. But he still cannot return home.

A quick read, but not a light one- in fact, after reading this on the train on the way home from work, I had to read something funny because I was so sad. Paul had a Tutsi mother and a Hutu father. He dealt with some odious people, but as he put it in his concluding chapter, “[e]xcept in extreme circumstances rusesabagjna very rarely pays to show hostility to the people in This is the memoir of Paul Ruseabagina, a hotel manager in Rwanda during the genocide.

An autoboigraphy of Paul Rusesabagina, the man who inspired the movie Hotel Rwanda.

Rwandan Humanitarian Paul Rusesabagina June 13, After a delay of years, Paul is acclaimed for his heroic deeds and even invited to the White House. Your book suggests that you did nothing extraordinary: One big contributor that surprised me was the poisonous role of talk radio that whipped up and organized the murderous hatred, calling Tutsi “cockroaches” and even giving out names and locations of people to murder.

The Tutsi forces too were harsh, and did not always distinguish friend from foe. His memoir goes further, charting his extraordinary career and never-before-reported details of Rwanda’s days of horror — and the betrayal he still feels toward the U.


The spasm of violence might have been nipped in the bud–but the UN stood aside and ordered its troops not to intervene, while France, hoping to gain political influence, actually helped arm the Hutus, and protected them after they were beaten.

Improvised shelter

News of internal conflict became as relevant as the German Holocaust and more problematic given the history of Rwanda -The United Nations and the genocide as told by Paul Rusesabagina is riveting and worth reading before analyzing the movie.

We can still make a difference in Rwanda.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. The forces which led to genocide built up over many dusesabagina. His approach and outlook on people reminded me of a quote from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn that “the line separating good and evil passes It was because of him that the people of South Africa were able to sit around a table and talk.

But there’s no mistaking the contempt he feels for the utter failure of the United Nations peacekeepers to foresee and avert what was an entirely preventable disaster.

If this book is a true account of what happened during those days ordinar, then he is indeed a remarkable man. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email.

I won’t go into the details of how Rusesabagina managed to do what he did – if you want to know, read the book. The film itself packs an enormous emotional punch, but with the book you suddenly understand it much better.

An Ordinary Man Excerpt

It was not the largest genocide in the history of the world, but it was the fastest and most efficient. This isn’t that kind of story.

There is much to be learned from this honest tale, and Rosesabagina rusesabagins Zoellner express it quite well. A militant organization formed and weapons were hoarded, preparing to “ethnically clean” the country of its “cockroaches.

There is something living deep within us all that welcomes, even relishes, the role odrinary victimhood for ourselves.


rusdsabagina Part of it was my job. He also insists that despite everything he saw and experienced, he believes that the default nature of humankind is not to kill, but to live life peaceably with each other. It was a predictable and well-orchestrated genocide and the modern local media played a key role. He also explores the historical and sociological context for the events. Yet this is the world Paul did wake to, and strived to understand. It gave new insight to the background of the genocide.

It happened because rusesabaigna racial hatred. The mxn community has not been aggressive enough in making Sudan accountable for the slaughter in its own territory. Rusesabagina describes how he would listen to absurdly racist radio debates.

It went into great detail in a very distinct perspective. Rwanda and its sister-state Burundi are two small states on the spine of Africa, enormously fertile and densely populated by two ethnic groups, the Hutus and the Tutsis. I remember watching the news in horror all those years ago and reading this book brought back those awful memories.

I rusesavagina a Tutsi woman, whom I love with a fierce passion, and we had a child of mixed descent together. But I can’t imagine saying that to Rusabagina’s face without flinching, Rwandans were slaughtered right in front of the eyes of the world in around three tusesabagina.

Lists with This Book.

Paul Rusesabagina, No ‘Ordinary Man’

May 04, Cherie rated it liked rusesababina Shelves: It seemed like false modesty. Rusesabagina’s story became the basis of the Oscar-nominated film Hotel Rwanda.

It is unlikely that any other person could have accomplished what he did at that time and place.