IK Multimedia Ampeg SVX Plugin, manual pdf related issues. Get free help, solutions & advice from top IK Multimedia experts. The latest software collection in AmpliTube 4 for Mac/PC, Ampeg SVX 2 brings legendary bass tone to the recording console without lugging. “ES NECESARIO QUE EL USUARIO SE REFIERA AL MANUAL DE INSTRUCCIONES.” Thank you for selecting the Ampeg BR Portaflex Bass Amplifier.

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There’s a special place in our history for the Ampeg project. Most of the presets offer different takes on the same theme: Listening to a couple mixes on a variety of sound systems confirms what I heard at the studio – perfect, awesome Ampeg character. Great tone and weight, sits well in the mix. The result is a sound indistinguishable from the original when fed with various guitar signals and dynamics.

Everyone is trying to “capture that legendary tone. The new section allows you to freely position two microphones in front of the speaker, plus add room ambience with a stereo pair of condenser mics that allows you to adjust the “spread” and depth of the room. Click here or log-in to see if you qualify for a discounted version. Answer questions, earn points and help others Answer questions.

IK Multimedia – Ampeg SVX 2

Overview Overview Features Customer Reviews. I have never been a fan of Ampeg at all, they With that in mind, we completely re-engineered the cabinet section, providing you with more realistic bass response than any other bass amp simulation package.

Frankly, that should really say it all. After this phase we start a complex audio-engineering comparison with the original amplifier or effect to the modeled version. An all-tube legend The Ampeg V-4B W All-Tube Bass Head is a remarkable reissue of the legendary original, delivering the pure tube vintage sound, attitude and unmistakable grind that earned this classic amp a place in bass history.


Tear it up… Virtual style In order to model an amplifier, you have to have, well, the amplifier.

If you play bass through an amplifier instead, still, you’re right at home. What came next would delight and simultaneously terrify most players: Once it comes up, download the pdf file and you will have a permanent copy.

Slap a UAD Fairchild compressor on it for a great solid sound. That’s pretty cool, don’t you think? Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Have used these Bass amps – Did a great job reproducing this in to software. The SVT has righteously stood the test of time, regardless of genre, with unmatched power and tone.

All you have to do is start your version, and Ampeg is automatically there. Helsdon March 3, These amps and cabinets have a firm place in music history, but more importantly have the foresight and innovation that will drive the future of music. I have never been a fan of Ampeg at all, they actually sound completely inferior, especially the clumsy 8×10 stack which is horrendous and doesn’t come close to modern boutique cabs like Shroeder etc.

If you use only the Ampeg SVX package, we’re not having this conversation. Here you can tweak your tone to perfection.

Is IK Multimedia Ampeg SVX native x64 yet?

The B looks, acts and sounds like a B Forums Posts Latest Posts. Some people argue that the cabinet is the single most important “tone” feature for a bass rig. Try installing it again. The original high-powered, all-tube bass behemoth, exclusively for UAD-2 and Apollo.

And of course, you aampeg get creative, crafting your own truly custom sound with the over pieces of gear available a-la-carte inside AmpliTube Custom Shop, the biggest selection of amp and effects for guitar and bass players available today in the software and plug-ins world. Thus, it would essentially be an x64 version Marrison December 13, The sounds of Ampeg amplifiers are the sound of a bass revolution — the voice of generations of musical identity and groove definition that are synonymous with the fabric of our core as musicians.


As Bass players, we live in a different, delightful world. I can clearly hear every note in the low register of a 5 stringer now. Question about Music 1 Answer Need manual for dvx black ameg guitar. So to sum up – nice plugin, totally worth the mnaual of admission. Plus, you can configure two complete rigs and run in stereo.

I’ve used everything out there I could find. I own a Trace AH which I’d use once in a while for tracking.

IK Multimedia – Ampeg SVX

But the lead engineer at Ampeg approved the model mabual the spot. They understood what we were doing, and how our technologies could help them spread the love and groove of Ampeg. Run a full stereo rig with different amp setups… the combinations are endless. Plugging in to a world of sound Use our line of iRig guitar and bass interfaces and foot controllers to connect your instrument to your iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC zvx play through and control AmpliTube.

Great on songs where you need more note definition. You select which versions to install in the installation process.