The idea of Kantian ethics is both simple and revolutionary: it proposes a moral law independent of any notion of a pre-established Good or any. The idea of Kantian ethics is both simple and revolutionary: it proposes a moral of the two philosophers, Alenka Zupancic summons up and ‘ethics of the Real’. Ethics of the Real has ratings and 6 reviews. Adam said: Sapere aude + ne pas ceder sur son desir = ∞!Everything recommends this work. In an arc.

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It is the case that Lacan describes the end of psychoanalysis as the act of crossing through the fantasm, leading the subject to recognize the object that has determined his or her desire and, therefore, his or her history, and issuing thereby in a new symbolic configuration. She is currently a full-time researcher at the Institute of Philosophy of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts and a visiting professor at the European Graduate School.

Everything recommends this work. It is, precisely, not ethical. London and New York: One should insist on the uniqueness, the absolute idiosyncrasy, of the ethical act proper-such an act involves its own inherent normativity which ‘makes it right’; there is no neutral external standard that would enable us to decide in advance, by a simple application to a single case, on its ethical status.

Zupancic slaagt erin om de overeenkomsten tussen Lacan en Kant glashelder te structureren. Fascinating study of the relationship between the philosopher and the psychoanalyst by major Slovenian scholar. Ethics, it would seem, suspends rational judgment.

Zupancic, on the other hand, allies Lacan with Kant’s conception that “the formal structure of the ethical act does not presuppose any notion of the good, but, rather, defines it” May 15, Jon Gagas rated it liked it.

The ambition of Alenka Zupancic’s Ethics of the Real 1 is to go beyond an ethics of desire to develop an ethics of the drive, acknowledging the register of the Real that increasingly infiltrates the social and political ehics. Seraphim rated it it was amazing Aug 21, Constantly juxtaposing her readings of the two philosophers.

Ethics of the Real: Kant, Lacan – Alenka Zupančič, Alenka Zupancic – Google Books

Accordingly, alenoa working class should become aldnka of their revolutionary role spontaneously as well. The ethical good is made possible by sacrificing the good that is jouissance: TS, The unconditional form of the act suspends any judgment of the particular content of the act, which in this case may be understood to be the illegitimate exercise of power of a person in authority over someone who is a child og a student. Miller ethcis at length: Valisa Iskandar rated it it was amazing Apr 22, Read it Forward Read it first.


My library Help Advanced Book Search. Sign in to use eral feature. Antigone is “the pure and simple desire of death as such” because she appears as a “relationship of the human being to that of which he miraculously happens to be the bearer, namely the signifying cut that confers on him the indomitable power of being what he is in the face of everything that may oppose him VII, From die Logic of Illusion to die Postulates.

Sygne in Seminar VIII reveals the impasse of the contemporary situation-the weakness of the symbolic function-where not to give up on desire means to have to sacrifice everything, so that as a woman she comes to occupy the position of the phallus.

The ethics of desire rests on a sacrifice of the Good. Reao concedes that “the Real and the Event are not in themselves ethical categories” but at the same time asserts that “the Real, or the Even, is the heart of all ethics” At the same time, pure desire coincides with an act. Zupancic’s analysis leads to the very peculiar conclusion “that Sygne, throughout the final act of the play, reveals and displays before us nothing other than the Real of desire, the Real of the penis.

Ethics of the Real

History of Western Philosophy. Also in Radical Thinkers. Zupancic elegantly shows how Les Liaisons dangereuses dramatizes unsatisfied zupxncic, the enjoyment of a seduction to be attained, while Don Juan exemplifies the drive of enjoyment that has been accomplished and aims at a repeated return to circulation.

Sign up here for discounts and quicker purchasing. The act in itself is not ethical, and there is no reason its description should be anything more than self-referential.

Constantly juxtaposing her readings of the two philosophers. For example, Jacques-Alain Miller defines Medea as “a figure who could serve as a model of a true woman, even if the example is somewhat extreme and not one with which to identify” There are no discussion topics on this book yet.


It is becoming something of a familiar operation among Lacanian theorists to pose an uncompromising woman as a model of an unlimited desire that is supposed ethical. But Lacan shows at length in Seminar VII that the possibility of any exchange at all, that is, of the Symbolic, derives from the incest prohibition, from the prohibition of the mother as the object of jouissance in the place of the Thing, the Supreme Good.

Now it would seem to be a condition of any ethics of ethiics woman, who may also be a mother, that it has to refuse using children as a means in her non-relation to man or as a mere extension of her desire, as Medea uses her children zupanccic the phallus with which to destroy Jason’s phallic pretensions.

John Waldron rated it it was amazing Nov 04, Ths on Kant, but only partially right on Lacan. Following Kant, then, Zupancic argues that the act of the ethical subject constitutes the law: Richard Dean – – Oxford University Press.

The description of the act of subjectification in drive as ethical substitutes description for norm.

Benny Profane rated it it was amazing Jul 31, The idea of Kantian ethics is both simple and revolutionary: The Ethics of Psychoanalysis, ed. Luis Felip rated it it was amazing Sep 18, Account Options Sign in.

Zupancic argumenteert meer dan overtuigend dat ethiek in de kern ligt van het excessieve, van de drift, en niet in het moralisme. Ed Pluth – oof Continental Philosophy Review 39 3: Aug 18, Jeroen rated it it was amazing. The human subject is the subject of language and social exchange. Between the Moral Law and the Superego. Taubman – – Educational Philosophy and Theory 42 2: