The quest for self knowledge is pervasive in indian thought and is a central concern of advaita vedanta–The non-Dualistic system expounded primarily by. An introduction to the several systems of classical Indian thought such as Professor Deutsch provides. Eliot Deutsch (born January 8, ) is a philosopher, teacher, and writer. He has made including; On Truth: An Ontological Theory; Advaita Vedanta: A Philosophical Reconstruction; Studies in Comparative Aesthetics; Creative Being : The.

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Please try again later. Creation is only apparent change and not a change in Brahman in reality. Sign in to use this feature. Another thought that was rattling in my head was about how far one can argue for a worldview without first accepting a number of initial assertions that the worldview takes for granted.

Moksha Moksha Anubhava Turiya Sahaja. He was the editor from to of the international journal Philosophy East and WestDirector of the Sixth Eastern Philosophers conference, as well as the past president of the Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy. The actual experience of attaining the moksha salvation is through self-knowledge and wisdom.

There is no purpose in creation. University of Hawaii Press Amazon.

Book: “Advaita Vedanta: A Philosophical Reconstruction” by Eliot Deutsch | The Magical Messiah

Common terms and phrases according to Advaita adhyasa Advaita Vedanta Advaitin Aeeording aetion affirmation Appearanee appears argument arthapatti Atman attained avidya aware axiologieal believe Brah cause cognition Commentary denied diserimination distinetions doctrine dream ealled eannot eertain effect eharaeteristies eharaeterization empirical eoneept eonsequenees eontradieted epistemologieal ereation estahlishing existenee existent external faet freedom funetion human Ihid illusory Indian philosophy individual inferenee intelleetual Isvara jiva jivanmukta judgment justified karma kind logical logieal manner in whieh maya means of knowledge mental metaphysieal mind moksa moral mueh nature nirguna Brahman non-dual not-different ohjeets one’s ontologieally op.

It is out of this context that I’m writing this review. Saguna Brahman has its own ultimate ground in pure consciousness or nirguna Brahman. The four states misidentifies the self but they are changes in the power of awareness.


The vivartavada theory observes that effect is only an apparent manifestation of its cause. Consciousness, Cosmology, and Science: Such a mind will be instrumental to knowledge of Brahman.

The problem might be that in this religious philosophy, there might be different explanations at different levels: Lists with This Book. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The state of deep sleep corresponds to saguna Brahman Brahman with attributes or the divine Isvara and transcendental consciousness.

After reading this, it was much easier to continue on to more difficult, abstract philosophical analyses. Schrodinger showed the wave-particle duality of matter at its most fundamental existence.

Advaita Vedanta : A Philosophical Reconstruction

Advaita is widely regarded as the pinnacle of wisdom among Hindu philosophers in post-Vedic India. Considering he is a philosopher, this is quite an achievement. Maya appears acvaita we fail to realize the oneness of the Brahman.

De-superimposition apavadareconnecting the effects back into their causes, the discriminating away of all lower levels of experience sadness, unhappiness, and sufferings is the sword that cuts away false identifications. Sign in Create an account.

Attachments, aversions, fears, dreams, and semi-dreams are all smeared with illusory power of Maya. It is referred to as Brahman. University of Hawaii Press- Philosophy – pages.

Plurality is experienced because of error in judgments mithya and ignorance avidya. Apparent examples to the contrary are almost always practicing some combination of Christian, Jewish, Islamic, and Hermetic methods with a light dusting of Neopagan terminology on top, leading an astute observer to the realization that they would be much better off dropping the Neopagan trappings altogether and devoting themselves to that which is of real worth in their systems.

As far as self-realization goes I don’t think that any system of symbols has ever completely and accurately defined the path for everyone, but this is damn close.

Advaita Vedanta: A Philosophical Reconstruction – Eliot Deutsch – Google Books

Selected pages Title Page. Setup an account with your affiliations in order to access resources via your University’s proxy server Configure custom proxy use this if your affiliation does not provide a proxy. Girdhari Lal Chaturvedi – – Adarsha Prakashan. Beautiful, meaningful, deep and ancient philosophy wonderfully encapsulated into a ready-to-read book.


Human language has its source in phenomenal experience; hence, it is limited in its application to states of being that are beyond that experience; logic is grounded in the mind as it relates to the phenomenal order; hence, it is unable to affirm, without at the same time denying, what extends beyond that Eliot Deutsch is an eminent scholar of Vedanta and spent his lifetime teaching and researching in the field of Hindu Philosophy.

The waking and dream states which can be brought together eeutsch a single category corresponding to gross and subtle bodies Virat and Hiranyagarbha. Panentheism, Neutral Monism, and Advaita Vedanta. I would highly recommend this book as a starting point for anyone interested in a complete perspective on advaita vedanta.

Page 11 – The via negativa of Advaita Vedanta also safeguards the unqualified oneness of that state of being called Brahman and silences all argument that would seek either to demonstrate or to refute it.

Brahman as a transcendental entity in a spiritual domain that defies all humanly description or characterization. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The self and the knowledge of the whole leads to freedom and wisdom. Advaita establishes the Oneness of Reality and this self-knowledge enables the knower to overcome all pain, misery, ignorance, and bondage. Brahman as a transcendental entity in a spiritual domain that defies all humanly description or characterization.

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